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Get your Nebraska outdoor law and regulation questions ready for Conservation Officer Jeff Clauson of Waterloo when he joins me for this Saturday’s Great Outdoor Radio Show airing on Omaha’s ESPN Radio 1620 AM from 9-10 a.m. CDT. The show can also be heard live on 

The phone numbers to call where you can ask your questions, are :

Locally 951-1620

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Don’t be bashful. When it comes to outdoor activities, Jeff and I always say this: “There’s no such thing as a dumb question, only dumb mistakes made by not asking that dumb question.”  Perhaps you have a question about some of the new deer hunting regulations here in Nebraska.

We look forward to chatting with you on the air!



 My good friend and avid outdoorsman David Hendee, Outdoor Writer for the Omaha World-Herald newspaper, put together his annual hunting special in today’s edition (Sunday, September 19th edition) of the paper in the sports section. Nicely done, David! Buy a copy at your local newsstand (I’m old-school, I like to have a cup of coffee and read the paper in-hand). 


Of course, you can also view the series of articles that David wrote here at this link, including his byline:    

Here David Hendee and I prepare to judge a wild game cooking competition.

  See you out there, or perhaps at your local coffee shop, reading the paper.


So, when is the absolute best time to go hunting or fishing in the fall here in Nebraska? I’ll tell ya’. There’s no debating the answer. It’s when the Nebraska Cornhusker football team is playing a game during the day on television(amid legal shooting hours for game animals/birds). Home games at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln even take more people away from the field or our waters here in Nebraska. 


Now, don’t get me wrong here, I’m just about as big a Big Red fan as they come! 


However, I am not as big a fan as Daryl Bauer in our Fisheries Division is. Check out the fan attire gone overboard. I’m not sitting next to him if he’s wearing those coveralls either! Sorry DB. 


 When asked if a Husker football game ever interferes with major Saturday hunting season openers such as firearm deer, my answer pointedly is “NO!” I’m in the field with my sons, brothers, nephews, cousins, friends, etc. Listen, if I would have forewent time in the field in 2008 during the firearm deer hunting season opener when Nebraska played K-State on Nov. 15th, my young son Noah would not have shot his first deer – this nice whitetail buck. 


See you out there, DVR-ing the game, and not having to contend with many folks in the field or on the water! 

Where is everyone on this WMA marsh? Oh, that's right, it's a Husker game day.

 Go Big Red! Click here for the official Cornhusker football schedule:

BANDS AND WINGS by Greg Wagner

A mourning dove being banded.

Nebraska’s dove hunting season opener is fast approaching! It is this Wednesday, September 1st. At Game and Parks, we want to remind you 14,000 dove hunters who harvest some 320,000 doves during the season annually, that you are the critical link in assuring the success of dove banding studies. By reporting any banded doves harvested, you add valuable information which will help us manage this important migratory bird resource.  

Note the leg band.

If you harvest a banded dove, please call 1-800-327-BAND (1-800-327-2263) to report the band number. Bands can also be reported by accessing the U.S. Geological Survey Bird Banding Laboratory web site at You can keep the bands and will be provided a certificate identifying the age and sex of the bird, as well as the date and location the bird was banded.  

Some of you who hunt doves will be asked to provide us with some dove wings. This is also very important.    


Wings from harvested doves can be used to determine the age ratio of doves in the fall population. This ratio, expressed as the number of juveniles per adult, allows biologists to determine an index to recruitment, or breeding season success, of doves. A high level of recruitment is necessary for mourning doves to maintain stable populations.  

We thank you for helping the dove resource by furnishing band info and, if requested, wings from doves you harvest. Enjoy your dove hunt! Shells, yes shells, bring lots of shells. 


See you out there!


I’ve been working with some folks on the promotion of the National Pheasant Fest event that is coming back to Omaha’s Qwest Center, January 28-30, 2011. Hunters, pheasant lovers, landowners, resource professionals and others – mark your calendars NOW! Remember what fun we had when Pheasant Fest was held here in January of 2005? Boy, I sure do! The event was held at the Qwest Center and included 325 exhibitor booths. This event had a $2.5 million impact on the city of Omaha! Time to prepare and get pumped up for the return of this big shindig in January!

For those of you asking: What exactly is Pheasant Fest? Well, Pheasant Fest is a spectacular trade show that will focus on wildlife conservation, upland game bird hunting, dog training, and wildlife habitat management and restoration.

In connection with the trade show, Pheasants Forever will hold seminars on habitat improvement, pheasant hunting, shooting sports, wild game cooking, dog training, conservation and lots more! Here’s a link to click to get more information:

Hunting dogs are a big part of the National Pheasant Fest.

See you there, at the Qwest Center, January 28-30, 2011. Oh and shhh … Nobody tell my wife, I’ll be talking to the hunting dog experts about buying a new pup …. 



Don’t miss my conversation with hunting business entrepeneur Jim Druliner of Omaha, NE with his unique SilloSocks waterfowl and bird decoys

on my Great Outdoor Radio Show.

My hour-long outdoor talk radio program, which has been on the air nearly 12 years, is broadcast LIVE each and every Saturday morning from 9-10 a.m. CDT on Omaha’s ESPN Radio/KOZN – 1620 AM “the zone” and online at Check out the video I uploaded from Jim’s Sillosocks website for a preview of the show content for Saturday:

See you out there, hangin’ out with Jim and his SilloSocks decoys during the various waterfowl hunting seasons. Get ready … Take ’em!


A short note to let you know that we at Game and Parks will be at the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island. The fair runs August 27-September 6. Click this link to the fair’s website: 

Our 20 ft. Game and Parks booth will be in the 4-H/FFA Exhibition Building. We’d love to have you visit us!

I’ve provided a link for a map of the fairgrounds:

Stop by and enter your Nebraska youth 15 and under in a drawing for half-price lifetime hunting and fishing permits for the Husker State.

Get your fall hunting questions answered there, too!

See you out there, at the fair!