In the Wild with Greg Wagner


Exciting news and a ‘must read’  note for you Nebraska deer hunters and landowners from my good friend and conservation compatriot Kit Hams, Big Game Program Manager for the Wildlife Division of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission in Lincoln … Great job,  Kit and wildlife staffers! …  Read on …


The antlerless deer hunter program is running now. People are signing up. You can get to the site by going here:
The information on the home page should be useful as should the FAQ page.
Bottom line, we are very excited about the possibility of increasing hunter access to land where landowners need more antlerless deer hunters. We hear from many hunters who have difficulty finding land to hunt. We also hear from Landowners that hunters only want to shoot bucks or that they don’t feel comfortable in telling hunters to shoot does. This program has the potential to address both problems with a mutually beneficial solution by helping the landowner find antlerless hunters.
In short, Hunters sign up online and provide the following information: Name, address, phone number, email, counties and months in which they are willing to hunt and weapon types they would like to use.
Landowners search the data base by county and make contact with the hunter. The landowner will only see the hunter’s first name, contact information and hunting preferences (county, month, weapon).
We hope that many hunters and landowners take advantage of the program. With 136 days of deer seasons,  250,000 permits and bonus tags that allow antlerless deer harvest, we have more than enough days and permits to control deer herds. This is one more tool to help.
Kit Hams
Big Game Program Manager
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
See you out there, working with landowners and targeting antlerless whitetails again this fall! GW.


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