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Get your Nebraska outdoor law and regulation questions ready for Conservation Officer Jeff Clauson of Waterloo when he joins me for this Saturday’s Great Outdoor Radio Show airing on Omaha’s ESPN Radio 1620 AM from 9-10 a.m. CDT. The show can also be heard live on 

The phone numbers to call where you can ask your questions, are :

Locally 951-1620

Toll-Free, Nationwide 1-877-951-1620

Don’t be bashful. When it comes to outdoor activities, Jeff and I always say this: “There’s no such thing as a dumb question, only dumb mistakes made by not asking that dumb question.”  Perhaps you have a question about some of the new deer hunting regulations here in Nebraska.

We look forward to chatting with you on the air!



 My good friend and avid outdoorsman David Hendee, Outdoor Writer for the Omaha World-Herald newspaper, put together his annual hunting special in today’s edition (Sunday, September 19th edition) of the paper in the sports section. Nicely done, David! Buy a copy at your local newsstand (I’m old-school, I like to have a cup of coffee and read the paper in-hand). 


Of course, you can also view the series of articles that David wrote here at this link, including his byline:    

Here David Hendee and I prepare to judge a wild game cooking competition.

  See you out there, or perhaps at your local coffee shop, reading the paper.



The popular Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (B.O.W.) event coming up on Oct. 1-3 at the Nebraska State 4-H Camp near Halsey has some openings!  

This annual B.O.W. gathering offers an opportunity for women to learn about and experience various outdoor activities in an easy-going, hands-on fashion. 

The event is filled with camaraderie! 

A fly fishing session at the event.

Click the link below to get all the details:  

Might see you out there! Have fun ladies and enjoy the scenery!  

The Nebraska 4-H Camp near Halsey.


My 16-year-old high school junior, daughter Emma Wagner, has taken up trap shooting for Omaha’s Marian High School. After her first practice, she’s hooked on it!   


She says: “Who needs video games when you can go trap shooting?”   


Trap shooting represents one of the faster growing outdoor sports. Kudos to Omaha Marian High School Principal Mrs. Susan Toohey for allowing it and supporting it! The trap team has its own website:   

Emma (left) with friend & teammate Aly Heisler of Omaha.

If you have a young daughter or son who would like to try trap shooting in the metro area, call Ted Vasko at (402) 290-1818.   

See you out there thoroughly enjoying being a spectator watching the young women at Marian High shoot trap! Now, Emma … About the new Italian shotgun you think you need … 


Wait, wait … Nope, it’s not Greg Wagner blogging … It’s Ponca State Park Superintendent Jeff Fields writing about spending a day at the park’s popular Missouri River Outdoor Expo this weekend of Sept. 18th and 19th … Let’s see what he has to say and why we should attend it …    

    Sometime around the beginning of September an internal clock chimes within the hearts and minds of many happy families, staff, volunteers, etc.  – the Missouri River Outdoor Expo at Ponca State Park next to the friendly town of Ponca, NE is almost here again!  I’m not sure what exactly triggers this.   Maybe it’s the slight hint of crimson in the sumac, the cool crisp evenings, the scenic Missouri River at sunrise or sunset,

or the giant heap of papers, sticky notes, clipboards, coffee cups, and half-eaten food on my desk. Maybe it’s the large piles of signs, tents, food, shotgun shells, clay pigeons, bows, arrows, Dutch ovens… that form a tunnel down our office hallway.  Nonetheless, it’s EXPO time!

   To those that have never attended the Missouri River Outdoor Expo, let me walk you through a day at the event.  Upon arrival (get here early by the way because there is way more than you can do in a day), you’ll be directed to a parking area in the back 40.  From this parking lot, a shuttle equipped with genuine bales of hay and a friendly Expo shuttle guide will take you to the site of your first adventure – the Resource and Education Center.

    For starters, at the Resource and Education Center you can see jumping dogs, crawling critters, birds being banded, giant elk antlers, slithering snakes, the camper of your dreams, kids catching trout, wood carvers, and a live bald eagle.  After grabbing a chili dog, nachos, and two ice cream bars, you’ll catch another shuttle to your next adventure – the Riverfront.

   Upon arriving at the Riverfront you’ll be greeted by a potpourri of fragrances including the signature aroma of the Missouri River, wood smoke, funnel cakes, trapping lure, barbecue, fried fish, and mules.  The atmosphere of the Riverfront can best be described as a blend of a county fair, a sport show, a rendezvous,

and a family vacation.  At the Riverfront, you can paddle a kayak,

climb a rock wall, eat a funnel cake, ride in a flat bottom boat, try your hand casting a fly rod, pack a mule, and get licked by puppy. After grabbing a bag of Kettle Korn, it’s time to head to our next adventure – the Shooter’s Village.

   As you sit on the shuttle headed to the Shooter’s Village, you might ask yourself “What is there to do at the Shooter’s Village?”   A better answer to this question might be “What can’t I do the Shooter’s Village”.  You can shoot a bow and arrow,

a clay pigeon with a shotgun, a metal gong with a muzzleloader, a spinning target with a .22, a paper target with a pellet gun, and tin can with a sling shot.   After grabbing a turkey leg and snow cone, unfortunately it’s time to leave. 

   On the way home the family will be talking about their favorite Expo experiences and making plans for future outdoor adventures.  Aside from your excessive food purchases, a cool camouflage Expo cap, and a box of decoys, you’ve pretty much got through the day with your wallet unopened.   The total package value of a day at the Missouri River Outdoor Expo at  Ponca State Park – PRICELESS!!! See you out here, at the expo!!! Click this link for more details about Ponca State Park’s fun Missouri River Outdoor Expo:


With many of you, like the Wagner family, planning that final summer season getaway, one of Nebraska’s crown jewels for outdoor recreation should not be overlooked.  This is scenic Lewis and Clark Lake State Recreation Area near Crofton, Nebraska.


Lewis and Clark Lake is about a 4-hour drive north and slightly to the west of the Omaha-metro. At 30,000 water acres, it is the state’s 2nd largest reservoir with lots of shoreline access. 

 Boating, skiing, swimming, fishing, hiking and camping are enjoyed there. Modern cabins are even available for year-round rental.

Click the link below for complete information about the Nebraska side of Lewis and Clark Lake.

Nebraska’s Lewis and Clark Lake State Recreation Area would make for a nice Labor Day weekend retreat! I think that’s where we-the Wagner’s are heading this weekend! Maybe we’ll see you out there! 


With scrimmages happening this week, the opening of the high school and college football season is right around the corner. Some teams have to travel good distances for games this fall such as Bellevue West High heading to Kearney and Papillion-La Vista High venturing to North Platte. Even Class B’s Ralston Rams here in the Omaha-Metro have to make the 2-hour jaunt to Beatrice to play the Orangemen August 27th.

So, football fans may want to think about going early and enjoying a nearby Nebraska state parkland, even spending the night in one. Take the Ralston Rams faithful. They could leave early on Friday, August 27th and enjoy a nice picnic lunch and maybe even wet a fishing line at Rockford Lake State Recreation Area just outside of Beatrice well before the 7 p.m. kickoff.

On the college football scene, Doane College fans in Crete have to make the 3-hour trip to play Morningside in Sioux City, IA at 7 p.m. on Saturday, September 4th. They should definitely think about trying to reserve a couple of nights in one of the newer cabins or parking their RV overnight at Ponca State Park near Ponca, NE just to the northwest of Sioux City.

Here’s a link to our state park page for information on all of our parklands:

See you out there, enjoying a state parkland before or after the game!