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March 17, 2010, 8:27 am
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Nebraska Boating Law Administrator Herb Angell patrolling the "Mighty Mo" - the Missouri River. Photo courtesy of Coast Guard Auxiliary.

The air temperatures outside are rising, the ice is melting and it won’t be long now before open water fully exists on our Nebraska’s ponds, lakes, reservoirs and rivers. You’re thinkin’ fishin’ aren’t ya’? I knew that, so am I. Well, time to dust the cobwebs off that fishin’ boat in the garage and check the motor out as well. But wait, I wonder if the motor boat registration is current on that thing? Better check that out, too, it might be expired and need to be renewed.  

Reminder that, on Nebraska waters, all vessels propelled by any mechanical device, including electric trolling motors, must be registered for three-year periods through the local county treasurer’s office. Registration renewals can also be completed online by going here:  

Properly displayed registration validation sticker, letter and number sequence. Photo courtesy of Herb Angell.

Boat titles are handled through the local county clerk’s office, in case you’re wondering. 

Herb Angell, Nebraska’s Boating Law Administrator, says it’s also a good time to look over boating safety equipment. “Make certain it’s all in working order and that you have all of the required equipment on board,” Angell stresses. 


Here’s a link to the 2010 Nebraska Boating Guide booklet covering laws, regulations, etc. on the water:         

See you out there with a current, valid motor boat registration and wearing your life jackets, of course! Smooth sailing everybody! Say “hi” to Herb and his crew on your favorite water.

Herb Angell hard at work on the water. Photo courtesy of Game and Parks Law Enforcement Division.