In the Wild with Greg Wagner


It was a good opening weekend in the field for me and my hunting partner to do our part for deer management with our centerfire rifles during Nebraska’s special October Antlerless Deer Hunting Season targeting whitetail does. Did you participate in this season? How’d you do? Give us an update if you feel inclined. For us, despite crops still standing in the field, deer movement was good, better than expected, actually. I shot the two young whitetail does pictured below during the late afternoon session yesterday, October 3rd on a relative’s farm next door to ours in Sarpy County. The does come out of big, broad area of timber onto a grassy pasture and were making their way to  adjacent unharvested soy bean fields.

My hunting partner Andre also had success and shot this adult whitetail doe yesterday morning, October 3rd with his rifle. He took this nice doe along a well-used deer trail in woods leading to a core bedding area for the whitetails.

Get specific information for yourself and your hunting partner(s) on the October Antlerless Deer Hunting Season (which continues through October 11th in more than half of the state) by reading over a copy of the 2010 Big Game Guide. It’s accessible by clicking here:

Take care, might see you in the office. Well, probably not. I’ll be heading back to the deer blind soon to harvest more antlerless whitetails. I hunt from a unique deer hunting blind, more on that in the coming days … Stay tuned!!!



It is indeed time to think about big game and big hunting here in Nebraska. Why? Because, the first application period for us Nebraska residents to apply for elk, pronghorn antelope and Republican Firearm and DeSoto December Muzzleloader deer hunting permits is fast approaching! It begins this Monday, April 19th at 1 p.m. CST. Here’s a cover shot of and the link to download the 2010 Nebraska Big Game Hunting Guide informational booklet:

You’ll note that there are lots of changes this year for deer hunting and lots of options/incentives to take whitetail does. Check ’em out!

See you out there, taking a break from spring wild turkey hunting to read the big game hunting guide that I’ve downloaded!