In the Wild with Greg Wagner


I wanted to share with you the blind where I’m hunting whitetail does with my rifle during this early October Antlerless Deer Hunting Season in southeastern Nebraska. My cousin’s husband, Mark B. who oversees/manages my uncle’s farm – is a fantastic artist (and hunter), check out what I refer to as the “spooktacular” blind with its Halloween motif, ya’ gotta love it! Deer hunting is all about having fun, isn’t it?

Here’s the view from the blind where deer emerge from the timber in late afternoon.

Look closely, see the whitetail doe laying on the ground? The spooktacular blind produces results!

Deer hunting is also about experiencing Nebraska’s brilliant autumn sunsets. I’m seated in the blind looking out another window right about sunset.  

I’ll see my friends and relatives out there, and you maybe at the gas station, in my big game hunting blaze orange costume headed to the spooktacular blind, boo!



My good buddy Ralph Wall of Game and Parks put together this neat piece from the Board of Commissioners meeting today where Governor Dave Heineman drew out the winning entry in the Nebraska Big Game Hunting Super Tag Lottery. Check out the video and see who the lucky hunter is.

Thanks for supporting conservation, super tag applicants! See you out there!

GROUND BLINDS ARE GRRREAT! by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
September 24, 2009, 2:59 pm
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greg blind My wife – Polly says that I have too many of ‘em, I say: “NO!” I don’t have enough of ‘em! What am I talking about? Those grrreat ground blinds, that’s what!

 If you’re a hunter, and you haven’t purchased one or more of these super-cool portable, camouflaged ground blinds, then after reading this, you’re gonna wanna purchase one (or more).  

 Called pop-up blinds by many, these blinds are very multi-purpose. They’re awesome to use for big game hunting, most notably with beginners or those who have disabilities. They’re awesome for kids to put up in a basement or play room and use as a fort – opposite the hunting seasons, of course. They’re awesome to use as wildlife viewing blinds and nature photography blinds. They’re awesome to use as temporary ice fishing shelters. They’re awesome to use even as outdoor survival shelters!

So, you’re asking: What do these portable ground blinds offer the hunter? They offer mobility/versatility, a lightweight, compact piece of gear to carry, quick set up, easy access to enter, concealment from game, protection from inclement weather, wiggle room, an excellent vantage point to shoot video of a hunt, and a chance to bring everything from snacks to gizmos with you in the woods.

 There are literally hundreds of various types of portable, camouflaged ground blinds on the market today ranging in price from about $75 upwards to around $600. Really, any model can work well if you hunt right and hide it properly. With regard to the blind’s camo pattern, I’d recommend trying to choose one that comes close to matching the terrain you plan to hunt, but don’t overly get wrapped up in the selection process. For most Nebraska hunting, I pretty much prefer anything “woodsy” or hardwoods-like. In the field, make it a point to tuck the blind in a brushy fencerow, an old shelterbelt, or a tree line bordering a crop or grassy field. Another thing I like to do is to place some tree limbs or branches, or perhaps some cedar boughs, around my blind to additionally make it blend in to the surroundings.

 Safety is important with ground blinds, too, particularly during any firearm deer hunting season. So, before actually engaging in a firearm deer hunt, I’d tell you to tie some strands of blaze orange tape or secure a blaze orange cap to the top of your blind in order to be seen by other hunters and to let other hunters know that the blind is being used and/or is occupied. Oh, and don’t forget the inexpensive folding chairs or small stools that’ll need to be toted on your hunt. A monopod or shooting sticks should be packed for a solid gun rest.  

 Now listen, I want you to strongly consider acquiring a portable, camouflaged ground blind if you haven’t done so already. The blind provides you with one of the best seats in the house when it comes to big game hunting and viewing nature. I just have to convince my wife that I need another one in my collection – only one more … for elk hunting, yeah, elk hunting!