In the Wild with Greg Wagner


I’ll be broadcasting my crazy, zany, outdoor information-filled Great Outdoor Radio Show on Omaha’s ESPN Radio 1620 AM from Mahoney State Park near Ashland this Saturday morning. I’ll be in the Kiewit Lodge from 9-10 a.m. during the park’s annual fall art show and rib-fest event. Stop by!


If you can’t make it to the park for the broadcast, you can listen online, at:

You’ll wanna come by though, and see what hats I’ll be wearing, ha!

Here’s a link for some brief info on the art show and rib-fest:

See you out there, broadcasting at the park!



A quick blog to let you Omaha-metro area anglers know that pan-sized rainbow trout are scheduled to be stocked

in Standing Bear Lake, 138th & Fort Street in northwest Omaha, 

weather and other factors permitting, sometime between Oct. 12-15.

So, you can begin to stock up on your Powerbait, canned sweet corn kernels, etc.

As that time frame draws closer, I will try to let you know exactly when the rainbows will be stocked in ‘the bear’.

After the stocking, I’ll see you out there, with my son Noah, hoping to catch a  couple rainbows, 

to bring home to the kitchen!



The corn harvest underway on a farm in Hamilton County about 20 miles south of Aurora, NE. Photo courtesy of Steven Larson.

 The crop harvest is underway, yesssss! Fellow outdoorsmen/women, you can go to these valid websites to obtain the latest info on how the 2010 crop harvest is progressing here in the Cornhusker State.   

If you are aware of any other reputable websites for crop harvest info, please share them with us by leaving a comment. That would be most appreciated! We all know that standing crops in the field can really impact our hunting, whether we’re after rooster pheasants or whitetail deer. I encourage you to stay on top of the current data with regard to the state’s crop harvest. Of course, there’s no better way to get that sort of info than from your local landowner. If you plan to do some hunting on his or her ground, offer to help with the harvest in some fashion. Also, if you have a hunt planned during the harvest, make certain to find out what fields the landowner will be combining so everybody stays safe, nobody interferes with the harvest and where game might be located.    

Combining corn at low light in Hamilton County. Photo by Steven Larson.

  Hope to see you out there, helping the Nebraska farmer with the harvest if you’re hunting his or her land!  

Assisting with the crop harvest in Hamilton County. Photo by Steven Larson.



Carter Lake in northeast Omaha.

Just additionally getting the word out to you – the Carter Lake user – about what’s gonna be happening at the 3-mile long, 320-acre oxbow lake in northeast Omaha beginnng this Monday, Sept. 27th. If you haven’t seen it, here is the recent Game and Parks news release issued about it.

Rotenone Fish Renovation Scheduled for Carter Lake

LINCOLN, Neb. – Carter Lake will be closed to the public Sept. 27 to Oct. 1. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources and Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will renovate the Douglas County fishery as part of the lake restoration project. Common carp, bullhead and other non-game fish have been adversely affecting water quality in the lake.

Staff from both states will apply rotenone to the lake and surrounding small ponds to remove rough fish. Boat ramps in Omaha and the city of Carter Lake will be closed during the week. Crews from both states will collect dead fish for disposal.

Homeowners are encouraged to have boats on lifts or remove them from the water so the rotenone application and fish clean-up will be easier. Fish found near docks should be pushed toward open water, and fish should not be consumed by humans following rotenone application.

The lake is scheduled to be restocked in October with largemouth bass, channel catfish and bluegill. The lake has no length restrictions or bag limits, but new regulations will go into effect next year.

Keeping you in the loop. Take care! GW.


I just purchased my resident $11.00 October Antlerless Deer Hunting Season Permit to harvest two antlerless whitetail deer with any legal weapon in the open management unit from Oct. 2-11. What a bargain!

Are you a deer hunter? Look at the map below, do you have any land within the management unit boundaries where you deer hunt?

Why not take advantage of this early season opportunity to do(e) your part for the landowner, the motorist, the wildlife manager and more so, for the overall health of the whitetail herds in these respective areas.

Remember, you can actually buy as many of these October Antlerless Deer Hunting Season Permits as you want!  In case you’re wondering, the nonresident price for the October permit is $55 (still a bargain). Here’s where you go to purchase your permit (and current habitat stamp if you don’t have one already):

Don’t forget your blaze orange cap and vest in the field. See you out there, do(e)ing your part!


I just had to share these spectacular storm photos provided by my friend Farmer Jack in Johnson County with all of you. These photos were shot on Father’s Day from his farm northeast of Elk Creek, NE. Farmer Jack tells me that these are looking west out over Elk Creek. The Nebraska outdoor scene is very much about experiencing dynamic weather-related events (safely, I might add). I always appreciate the wide-open sky here in the Cornhusker State, how about you? Enjoy the photos and thanks much Farmer Jack! See you out there, always toting a camera on your outdoor adventures!