In the Wild with Greg Wagner

Heading to the Gavins Point Dam Area? by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

A message and pics for those heading to the Gavins Point Dam Area in northeast Nebraska from my good friend Rich McShane of Omaha, NE who is with the Nebraska Walleye Association … 

These pictures were taken by me at 5:00pm on Saturday Oct 2nd below Gavins Point Dam at Yankton.  They show opening paddlefish snagging weekend anglers and how the opening of all 14 of the gates on the dam affects fishing downstream.  I believe the gates had not been opened since 1998 until being done so earlier this year. The area manager told me they are scheduled to remain open through November.  Unbelievable amount of water. I was up there for a walleye tournament and go back Oct 15-16 for paddlefish.

Thanks a million Rich, appreciate the message and the photos! Let us know how you do with your paddlefish snagging, will ya’?  Never know, might see you up that way. Take care, be safe and wear your life jacket! GW.



A quick blog to let you Omaha-metro area anglers know that pan-sized rainbow trout are scheduled to be stocked

in Standing Bear Lake, 138th & Fort Street in northwest Omaha, 

weather and other factors permitting, sometime between Oct. 12-15.

So, you can begin to stock up on your Powerbait, canned sweet corn kernels, etc.

As that time frame draws closer, I will try to let you know exactly when the rainbows will be stocked in ‘the bear’.

After the stocking, I’ll see you out there, with my son Noah, hoping to catch a  couple rainbows, 

to bring home to the kitchen!


Carter Lake in northeast Omaha.

Just additionally getting the word out to you – the Carter Lake user – about what’s gonna be happening at the 3-mile long, 320-acre oxbow lake in northeast Omaha beginnng this Monday, Sept. 27th. If you haven’t seen it, here is the recent Game and Parks news release issued about it.

Rotenone Fish Renovation Scheduled for Carter Lake

LINCOLN, Neb. – Carter Lake will be closed to the public Sept. 27 to Oct. 1. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources and Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will renovate the Douglas County fishery as part of the lake restoration project. Common carp, bullhead and other non-game fish have been adversely affecting water quality in the lake.

Staff from both states will apply rotenone to the lake and surrounding small ponds to remove rough fish. Boat ramps in Omaha and the city of Carter Lake will be closed during the week. Crews from both states will collect dead fish for disposal.

Homeowners are encouraged to have boats on lifts or remove them from the water so the rotenone application and fish clean-up will be easier. Fish found near docks should be pushed toward open water, and fish should not be consumed by humans following rotenone application.

The lake is scheduled to be restocked in October with largemouth bass, channel catfish and bluegill. The lake has no length restrictions or bag limits, but new regulations will go into effect next year.

Keeping you in the loop. Take care! GW.


So, when is the absolute best time to go hunting or fishing in the fall here in Nebraska? I’ll tell ya’. There’s no debating the answer. It’s when the Nebraska Cornhusker football team is playing a game during the day on television(amid legal shooting hours for game animals/birds). Home games at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln even take more people away from the field or our waters here in Nebraska. 


Now, don’t get me wrong here, I’m just about as big a Big Red fan as they come! 


However, I am not as big a fan as Daryl Bauer in our Fisheries Division is. Check out the fan attire gone overboard. I’m not sitting next to him if he’s wearing those coveralls either! Sorry DB. 


 When asked if a Husker football game ever interferes with major Saturday hunting season openers such as firearm deer, my answer pointedly is “NO!” I’m in the field with my sons, brothers, nephews, cousins, friends, etc. Listen, if I would have forewent time in the field in 2008 during the firearm deer hunting season opener when Nebraska played K-State on Nov. 15th, my young son Noah would not have shot his first deer – this nice whitetail buck. 


See you out there, DVR-ing the game, and not having to contend with many folks in the field or on the water! 

Where is everyone on this WMA marsh? Oh, that's right, it's a Husker game day.

 Go Big Red! Click here for the official Cornhusker football schedule:


 I’ve always said that I greatly appreciate media folks who get out and hunt and fish in Nebraska. I am continually promoting and fostering those outdoor activities and others within the ranks of the press corp in the Omaha-metro.   



That means I greatly appreciate longtime area meteorologist and broadcaster Jim Flowers of Omaha, NE! Jim is the Chief Meteorologist at Omaha’s NBC affiliate which is WOWT-TV/Channel 6.  He can also be heard on Omaha’s news radio station 1110 AM/KFAB. Jim is married to Barb, with two boys, Brian and Patrick, and for relaxation enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, and of course, the weather. 

As you can see, Jim is very passionate about his hunting and fishing endeavors.  

Jim with a Master Angler channel catfish caught and released from the Summit Lake SRA near Tekamah, NE.

Jim Flowers with one of the many nice largemouth bass he has caught and released at the Louisville Lakes SRA near Louisville, NE.

In fact, he blogs about his outdoor adventures frequently on the station’s website (  

Look closely, a pic of whitetail buck he took from his deer stand in eastern Nebraska last year.

Beautiful Nebraska whitetail buck Jim!

Rooster pheasants are among the upland game birds Jim likes to pursue with his canine buddy.

Click here for the latest blog entry regarding his outdoor experiences in the Cornhusker State:  

See you out there, greatly appreciating a member of the Omaha media who thoroughly understands, enjoys and relishes time spent outdoors! Now, about that weather forecast for tomorrow, Jim …  


With many of you, like the Wagner family, planning that final summer season getaway, one of Nebraska’s crown jewels for outdoor recreation should not be overlooked.  This is scenic Lewis and Clark Lake State Recreation Area near Crofton, Nebraska.


Lewis and Clark Lake is about a 4-hour drive north and slightly to the west of the Omaha-metro. At 30,000 water acres, it is the state’s 2nd largest reservoir with lots of shoreline access. 

 Boating, skiing, swimming, fishing, hiking and camping are enjoyed there. Modern cabins are even available for year-round rental.

Click the link below for complete information about the Nebraska side of Lewis and Clark Lake.

Nebraska’s Lewis and Clark Lake State Recreation Area would make for a nice Labor Day weekend retreat! I think that’s where we-the Wagner’s are heading this weekend! Maybe we’ll see you out there! 


Fall is just around the corner and there’s no doubt that now is the time to start catching big fish as they search for meals to build up fat reserves for fall and winter. Click this link to read Game and Parks Fishing Guru Daryl Bauer’s blog about fall fishing: 

Just moments ago, we certified a nice bluegill for a rod and reel Master Angler Award here at the Omaha Office of Game and Parks. The 10 1/4-inch, 1 lbs. bluegill was caught on a red worm by Kenneth Anderson of Omaha in Prairie View Lake near Bennington this morning. Here’s a pic for ya’.

Congrats Kenneth! See you out there anglers, targeting big fish and taking a kid fishing!