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Blog Upgrade and Migration
October 12, 2010, 5:05 pm
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The Nebraska Game and Parks blogs will be migrating to a new and improved platform. We know our subscribers will enjoy the new look and enhanced functionality. All of our blogs will be moved into one great online news magazine called In order to make this transition, we need to delay our posts and your comments for a few days. We will not be posting articles or able to post your comments between Oct. 13-20. You can still access all of our blogs from their respective blog names or you can simply bookmark and find them there. We value your blog comments and appreciate your holding any comments until our new site is live. Thanks for your patience. We’ll be back in touch in about a week.

See you out there….


Heading to the Gavins Point Dam Area?

A message and pics for those heading to the Gavins Point Dam Area in northeast Nebraska from my good friend Rich McShane of Omaha, NE who is with the Nebraska Walleye Association … 

These pictures were taken by me at 5:00pm on Saturday Oct 2nd below Gavins Point Dam at Yankton.  They show opening paddlefish snagging weekend anglers and how the opening of all 14 of the gates on the dam affects fishing downstream.  I believe the gates had not been opened since 1998 until being done so earlier this year. The area manager told me they are scheduled to remain open through November.  Unbelievable amount of water. I was up there for a walleye tournament and go back Oct 15-16 for paddlefish.

Thanks a million Rich, appreciate the message and the photos! Let us know how you do with your paddlefish snagging, will ya’?  Never know, might see you up that way. Take care, be safe and wear your life jacket! GW.


Check out these must-see, very cool, video pubic service announcements from Tim Smalley and the other great folks at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Enjoy them and HEED THEIR MESSAGES ON THE WATER WHEREVER YOU’RE GOING  BOATING THIS SUMMER! Hey, thanks a bunch Tim!

See you out there, minding my manners on the water, wearing my life jacket, plus ensuring my kids do the same!


With the warming trend we are now experiencing here in Nebraska, make some time to get outside, take a walk or a hike and experience nature in a nearby public area!

Earlier today, fellow Game and Parks compatriot Katie Stacey and I took some time to “get outside” ourselves and stroll through the wonderful 25-acre Heron Haven Wetland at 11809 Old Maple Road in northwest Omaha.

This is a unique, spring-fed, oxbow-type wetland sanctuary offering nature trails and a boardwalk that are open to the public every day at no charge. What a fine, tranquil, natural place this is to view wildlife! 

You can learn more about Heron Haven by clicking its website here:  

Additionally, please note that the grounds and hiking trails in the Nebraska state park system remain open for your use as well!

Happy trails, see you out there!


Photo courtesy of Doug Carroll, Editor, NEBRASKAland Magazine.

If you had the chance to catch a glimpse of me or even chat with me at the Omaha Boat, Sports and Travel Show at the Qwest Center last week, you probably saw me donning on my one of my favorite outdoor hats – the skunk cap! I love that cap! I AM SKUNK MAN! Hmmm … where’s my cape!

In jest, my staff at the Game and Parks Omaha Office tells me that the skunk cap reflects my personality (I thought it might be my occasional lack of deodorant, ha) .

Never fear though, my skunk cap will reappear on my melon at the upcoming Platte River Art Show and Old West Rib Fest at the Eugene T. Mahoney State Park near Ashland on Saturday, April 10. The crew at the park thought it would be a neat idea to put my pic wearing the skunk cap in their flyer promoting the art show, rib fest and specifically my radio broadcast there, BIG MISTAKE!

It’s too late to warn them that I plan to bring an arsenal of outdoor-type caps that many folks see me wearing on TV to what is billed as “the most prestigious art show on the river.” What a riot this is going to be! Look out art show goers! Oh, and don’t worry, before attending the show, I will have showered, applied deodorant and a little cologne: Eau de Pepe Le Pue.


1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide

1/4 cup of baking soda

1 teaspoon of liquid soap

Mix together in a plastic bucket and wash the affected object, including man and beast. But, keep the solution away from eyes, noses and mouths! The skunk odor should immediately disappear. This does work!

See you out there at the park, de-scented, of course!


I want to encourage you to make plans to join me for a day at the museum. Not just any museum though – the beautiful Durham Museum in Omaha that is, on Saturday, March 13th at 11 a.m. to see my presentation, entitled “Outdoor Nebraska Vacations.” I look forward to showing you some of Nebraska’s most beautiful scenery and better kept vacation secrets. My goal is to personally assist you in planning your outdoor-oriented family vacation to Nebraska this year.  Maybe I’ll get you folks to travel to the Nebraska Sandhills to experience scenes like these below. 

Smith Falls State Park east of Valentine near Sparks, NE.

View from the Bow of a Canoe on the Dismal River in Hooker County south of Mullen, NE.

Merritt Reservoir shoreline southwest of Valentine, NE.

Get more information about visiting the Durham Museum, at:

The Durham Museum at 801 South 10th Street in east Omaha offers unique, hands-on learning about Omaha's history for all ages.

See you there, NOT FOR A NIGHT, but for a fun day at the museum! And, Ben Stiller won’t be around, I hope!

Actor Ben Stiller in the 2006 popular adventure-comedy film: Night at the Museum.


Cabins at Niobrara State Park. Photo courtesy of NEBRASKAland Magazine/Sarah Johnson Photo Librarian.

I don’t know about you, but I am sure thinking warmer thoughts on these cold late-winter days here in the Cornhusker State. I am specifically thinking about booking a few weeknights for overnight lodging in the spring or summer with the Wagner family in one of our fine Nebraska state park cabins. And yes, you should do the same! The Wagner’s are taking a close look at renting a cabin at Lewis and Clark Lake.

Cabin at Lewis and Clark Lake State Recreation Area. Photo courtesy of NEBRASKAland Magazine/Sarah Johnson Photo Librarian.

We sure have a lot to offer when it comes to lodging in our state parks and recreation areas. In all, nine different Nebraska parklands offer 186 cabins for overnight lodging, plus there are also 40 lodge rooms at Mahoney State Park and 22 at Fort Robinson that can be rented. Space is filling fast with all of these lodging facilities, I might add. Quite a few weeknights are still available. Don’t wait too long to reserve nights. In my view, the weeknights are the best times to stay in a park or recreation area for obvious reasons!

Cabin at Platte River State Park. Photo courtesy of NEBRASKAland Magazine/Sarah Johnson Photo Librarian.

Click here to see what’s available for accommodations and to make your reservations:

We also have a parks reservations desk in Lincoln that can assist you personally in finding out about lodging vacancies and booking overnight facilities, at (402) 471-1414.

Historic Buffalo Soldiers Barracks, Cabin Quarters at Fort Robinson State Park. Photo courtesy of NEBRASKAland Magazine/Sarah Johnson Photo Librarian.

New eco-friendly cabin at Ponca State Park. Photo courtesy of NEBRASKAland Magazine/Sarah Johnson Photo Librarian.

Never been to some of these parks or recreation areas, you say? Like to take an extended look at them? A great feature on our website are the video vacations done by my good friend Ralph Wall of the Game and Parks Commission. Here’s a link to check those out:

See you out there, sipping some iced tea and wetting a fishing line with my family on the Nebraska shore of Lewis and Clark Lake … Pass me some more  nightcrawlers, will ya’!