In the Wild with Greg Wagner


My 16-year-old high school junior, daughter Emma Wagner, has taken up trap shooting for Omaha’s Marian High School. After her first practice, she’s hooked on it!   


She says: “Who needs video games when you can go trap shooting?”   


Trap shooting represents one of the faster growing outdoor sports. Kudos to Omaha Marian High School Principal Mrs. Susan Toohey for allowing it and supporting it! The trap team has its own website:   

Emma (left) with friend & teammate Aly Heisler of Omaha.

If you have a young daughter or son who would like to try trap shooting in the metro area, call Ted Vasko at (402) 290-1818.   

See you out there thoroughly enjoying being a spectator watching the young women at Marian High shoot trap! Now, Emma … About the new Italian shotgun you think you need … 


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They both did great that day! When Aly started she only shot 2/25 that first day..but Emma shot 5! And now that Aly is in her 2nd year of trap she is now shooting 46/50! Great job girls!!

Comment by Nicky Heisler

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