In the Wild with Greg Wagner



Sunflower plantings for doves.

Just received an e-mail message regarding plantings for doves on state wildlife management areas in southeast Nebraska from Pat Molini who is oversees the management of those for us at Game and Parks. I’m sharing his information with all of you.  


Twin Lakes – Sunflowers 6 fields totaling 27 acres, Oats 6 fields totaling 24 acres  



Pawnee – Sunflowers 2 fields totaling 8 acres  

Wildwood – Sunflowers 4 fields totaling 13 acres, Oats 4 fields totaling 5 acres  

Conestoga – Oats 4 fields totaling 5 acres  

Branched Oak – Sunflowers 4 fields totaling 20 acres  

Yankee Hill – Sunflowers 3 fields totaling 7 acres  

Olive Creek – Sunflowers 1 field totaling ½ acre  



Rakes Creek – Sunflowers 4 fields totaling 7.5 acres (very weedy)  



Osage North – Sunflowers 3 fields totaling 18 acres, Wheat stubble 3 fields totaling 17 acres  

Osage SE – Sunflowers 1 field totaling 4.2 acres, Wheat stubble 1 field 5.7 acre  

(Sunflowers are very poor condition.   Due to cool, wet weather, poor germination and inundated with cocklebur. Not a lot of dove use expected on Osage.)  


Scouting is a must!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Pat Molini  

SE Wildlife District Manager  

Nebraska Game & Parks Commission  


See you out there, scouting state wildlife management areas for dove activity!  

Doves perched on sunflowers.

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