In the Wild with Greg Wagner


 A firm note for any of you using our Nebraska water trails (e.g. rivers, streams) for your late summer outdoor recreation to pack out your trash, take only pictures and leave only footprints! In fact, I would suggest taking the extra step (pun intended) to bring garbage bags and pick up any empty cans, broken bottles, food wrappers, discarded styrofoam coolers, discarded balls of monofilament fishing line, etc. you find along the banks of our Nebraska rivers! If you wonder why some private landowners along streams are terse at times, and won’t grant you permission for access to the water, litter is one of the main reasons why!  

Litter left on a river sandbar.

Let’s leave these areas along our rivers even better than we find them, what do you say? 

Keeping Nebraska's Dismal River pristine and litter-free.

For the record, our Game and Parks Law Enforcement Division says that fines and court costs for littering along Nebraska rivers and streams run $100 and may go higher! 

See you out there, with an abundant supply of these —  


garbage bags!

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