In the Wild with Greg Wagner

As a longtime public information officer for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, I receive a lot of wonderful and interesting correspondence from constituents like the e-mail message below. I always respond (as you will see) and sincerely appreciate the time folks take to write, e-mail, fax, call or stop by to see me! I WORK FOR YOU! I hope to see you out there, or chat with you in some way, shape or form! Looking forward to it! GW.  
Hello Greg
This large bird of prey was sitting on my neighbors deck tonight near 152nd and Fort Street in northwest Omaha.  It later flew over to a small group of trees across the street.  Was wondering if you could tell what it was.  I will add a couple of pictures we were able to snap.
Thought you might know.
Thank you
PS We watch you on WOWT-TV and figured you to be the person to contact.
Hi TL,
This is a Red-tailed hawk. I’d like to show your pics and provide some info about the bird on my blog if you don’t mind. My blog can be found here:  Click the link I’ve provided below from the National Audubon Society for information on the Red-tailed hawk.
Thanks for sharing the pics and throwing out the ID question to me. Have a good one! Bug me anytime about anything in the great outdoors! Enjoy your bird watching! 
Greg Wagner
Public Information Officer
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
1212 Bob Gibson Blvd
Omaha, NE 68108-2020
Ph: 402-595-2144
Fax: 402-595-2569
“Respect and enjoy the great outdoors of Nebraska!” 

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