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I wanted to share this information I received from an Omaha angler with all of you. Read on …    

My name is John P. Hoden. I am 41 years old. I’ve lived in south Omaha all of my life. I’ve been fishing all my life, too! I have always loved it and always hoped to catch a trophy fish in NE.

Well my wishes have come true!! Caught the 50 lbs. blue catfish on 6-28-10 in the late evening! Who would have ever thunk  it???

Last Sat. morning 7-10-10 @ 3:45am landed the 75 lbs. BLUE!!! Both fish were weighed, measured, then released to be caught again! Both were landed on rod & reel. I used cut bait to catch them! FEAST YOUR EYES ON THESE CATFISH!!!

I would like to thank Mark Kavulak of Hansen Lakes in Sarpy County where the aforementioned catfish were caught!

John, those master angler blue cats are fish catches of a lifetime! Double congratulations from us at Game and Parks and thanks for turning those big ones back into the water! When I’m down that way near your fishin’ holes, I’m sure I’ll be seein’ ya’ out there – as you pursue another monster catfish after dark! Biologist Jeremy Wade who is the host of the River Monsters television show on Animal Planet has nothing on you!


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