In the Wild with Greg Wagner

June 16, 2010, 2:24 pm
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I am taking over Greg Wagner’s blog once again, ha! This time I have a great fishing tip to pass along to you. I bet our Game and Parks fisheries guru Daryl Bauer doesn’t even know this one!

I thought of this clever, inexpensive way to store, transport and carry your fishing rods!

As you can see from the photo above, I use foam swim noodles. I lay two noodles on the ground spaced apart about 3-4 feet with several slits cut halfway through each of them for multiple rods. Then, I place the rods in each of the slits. After doing that, I put one piece of cheap packing tape across the top of all the rod slits on the noodle for extra holding power (the tape generally never sticks well to anything, so it is perfect for adding and removing  without leaving much goo or residue behind).

Next, I place another swim noodle with slits over the top/middle portion of the rods. Lastly, I flip the whole set of rods over and put one piece of tape across them as well. That’s it. What a simple thing to construct!

Everyone who has seen this appartus is amazed. Make one with your family today! Good fishing!

Jo Momsen
Information & Education Division
Nebraska Game & Parks Commission
Omaha-Metro Office
(402) 595-2144


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