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FROM THE NEBRASKA GAME AND PARKS COMMISSION’S WILDLIFE DIVISION (Special thanks to Jim Douglas) as of 9:20 a.m. CDT on Tuesday, June 15, 2010.

Gracie Creek dam and road washed out near Calamus Reservoir.

Here is a summary of flooding and heavy rains on state wildlife management areas (WMAs):

North central

· Big Alkali – Water in 3 cabins; entrance road will need grading and additional rock.

· Calamus Reservoir Area – Gracie Creek dam washed out, taking the road with it (see photo above). There is a dam on private property north of Gracie Creek (Morgan). This dam failed, which caused the Gracie Creek failure. This has happened 2 other times in the past. This dam is constructed of sand and doesn’t hold up to heavy run-off.

· Harold Anderson, Leonard Koziol, Marsh Wren are all on the Loup River systems and will have flooding, but damage is unknown at this time. Fence will probably need to be replaced.

· Twin Lakes and Willow Lake – High water but damage is unknown – fence will probably need to be replaced.


· George Syas – Flooding is occurring but expect little damage – water backs into area. Flood crest won’t hit until tomorrow so water levels will rise.

· Redwing and Dry Creek – Are on the Elkhorn River – areas are under water; will probably be damage to fences, roads and parking lots.

· Oak Valley – Battle Creek is within its’ banks so no flooding yet.


· Schilling – Entire area is under water. The water level is up to the base of the office/shop. Flood is expected to crest tomorrow, rising another foot so will probably have water in the office on Tuesday. All crop ground was planted – due to late date, no re-planting will occur. Sunflower food plots were flooded and therefore no Youth Dove Hunts will occur this year. Since Platte is flooding, could be damage to the north side of the area. Missouri flooding typically backs into the area.

· Langdon Bend, Kansas Bend, Aspinwall Bend – Areas under water – water is up to the levee. Not much local rain, so no flooding on the landward side of the levee. Not able to determine damage.

See you out there, avoiding those WMAs flooded and with flood damage, and calling ahead to learn the status of others along swollen rivers and creeks!


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