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JUST HELPIN’ TO GET THE WORD OUT  … UPDATED AT 11:13 A.M. ON SATURDAY, JUNE 12th … At present, flooding has impacted four eastern Nebraska state park areas. Dead Timber State Recreation Area (SRA) near Scribner has closed temporarily due to flooding. The Cottonwood and Riverside campgrounds as well as a day use area along the Platte River at the Two Rivers SRA near Waterloo also are closed because of flooding, the remainder of the area is open. The Louisville Lakes SRA near Louisville is not taking any more campers as the Platte River there is already flooding into tent sites along the river. If the river reaches 11 feet, water will start to go over the levee and electric sites will have to be evacuated. At the Riverview Marina SRA on the eastern edge of Nebraska City, the area has been closed off to all traffic because of Missouri River flooding. Campers and other park users may contact the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Call Center at (402) 471-1414 or individual parks for updated information.

Additionally, according to the Papio-Missouri River NRD, the Platte River Landing Recreation Area near Highway 64 is closed due to current high water conditions in the Platte River. Elkhorn Crossing Recreation Area, near 252nd and Bennington Road in Douglas County and Graske Crossing Recreation Area near West Dodge Road and the Elkhorn River remain closed due to high water in the river. No reopening date has been chosen.

Best to stay off the rivers around Omaha for any outdoor recreational activities at this time for obvious personal safety reasons.

See you out there, enjoying state parklands unaffected by high water like Memphis Lake, the Salt Valley Lakes surrounding Lincoln, Indian Cave or others up in the hills like Platte River near Louisville!

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Just curious if anyone knows if Branched Oak Lake is closed to boating due to high water levels at the lake? Appreciate the feedback…planning a trip out there tomorrow if the lake is open. Thanks!

Comment by Steve G

Steve, I have received NO reports that Branched Oak Lake near Lincoln is closed to boating at this time. You might want to give the office at B. Oak a call though just to double-check things at (402) 783-3400. Thanks and be careful boating, there is more debris in the water with runoff from these rain events. Take care!

“Wags” — Greg Wagner

Comment by Greg Wagner

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