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 Tis the summer storm season in Nebraska! With that in mind, I came across some outstanding information about tips for camping in a thunderstorm written by Kirk Brown on the reputable website: that I wanted to share with all of you. I’ve added a couple of tidbits of my own info as well.     

Step 1 For weather forecasts, advisories, watches, warnings, etc., know your camping location from the nearest town, plus what county and what portion of that county you’re located in. Step 2 Bring a weather radio on camping outings so you can be aware of these severe-storm advisories.  

A battery-operated, portable weather radio.

Step 3 Avoid exposed areas like hilltops, summits, ridges and large meadows when choosing a campsite. Also stay away from especially tall or isolated trees. Low-lying settings that are prone to flooding also are less than ideal. Step 4 Seek a safe shelter when you hear the first rumbles of thunder. If possible, head to your vehicle or an enclosed building. Don’t come back outside until 30 minutes after you stop hearing thunderclaps.  

Storm on the horizon at Merritt Reservoir near Valentine, NE.

Step 5 Keep away from water bodies, metal camping gear and tall, isolated objects if you see lightning. Step 6 Kneel or squat on a dry rubber sleeping pad with your feet close together if a lightning strike appears imminent and there is no time to seek safe shelter. Each member of your camping party should maintain a distance of at least 15 feet from one another to prevent lightning from traveling between persons.  

Dry, rubber-based sleeping bag pad.

Things you’ll need:  

– Weather radio  

– Dry rubber sleeping pad  

Things to note:  

– In an average year, lightning claims more lives than tornadoes and hurricanes combined!   

– According to the National Weather Service, there is NO safe place to be outside in a thunderstorm. The best way to stay safe is to avoid the threat of lightning. 

See you out there, always playing it safe during a storm!


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