In the Wild with Greg Wagner


Lots of baby wild animals and birds are now on the outdoor scene in Nebraska. Please remember that it is illegal, unsafe (for both you and the little critter), and inhumane to remove young wildlife from its natural surroundings (including your own backyard) and to harbor/possess it! It’s also important to keep in mind that, although you may not see it, there’s a parent animal or bird nearby, most likely Mom! 

Does, for example, will typically leave their fawn(s) for hours at a time, returning only to nurse them. Fawns are often discovered lying quietly in tall grass or brushy areas.

Well-meaning people sometimes pick up these fawns, thinking that they have been abandoned by their mothers and need help. This is not the case.

Another common question we receive at Game and Parks this time of the year is: Can baby birds take care of themselves if they’re on the ground?  The answer is yes! The baby birds are still being protected and fed by the parents on the ground, if you have left them alone that is!

 Let’s take mother rabbit as another example. A mother cottontail rabbit will only tend to her nest a couple of times a day and spend the rest of the day away from it, to prevent drawing predators to the nest. If you find a nest that looks undisturbed and the mother is nowhere in sight, that is her plan. She will be back within 24-48 hours maximum to check on and feed her babies.

So you see, these animals are cared for, plus wildlife is much more adapted for survival than most of us realize. So while you think it’s appropriate to help a young wild animal or bird, be aware that you cause more harm than good when you stop to help. If you really care, you’ll leave them there!

See you out there, enjoying wildlife at a distance!


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