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Yaking About Kayak Fishing by Greg Wagner
May 25, 2010, 12:29 pm
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Jeremiah Stacey looking for a good spot to fish from his kayak.

Greetings. Once again I, Katie Stacey, have stolen Greg’s blog for a day. I wanted to do so to let you know about the fun of fishing from a kayak. Kayak fishing is something I just started doing last summer. It wasn’t really my intention when I got the kayak, but I doubt I’ll ever go back to fishing from the bank. 

Tracy O'Meara with a fish on the line.

One of the greatest advantages I find in kayak fishing is the flexibility it allows. Last Saturday, I was out on the water for about nine hours with my husband and two of our friends at Wehrspann Lake in southwest Omaha. Because we were each in our own kayaks, we could come together and separate at will.  When I found a quiet area away from the wind it wasn’t long before the others joined me. We fished together for a while and had some success with bluegill, sunfish and some undersized crappie. But when my friend Tracy O’Meara ventured out into the waves and to another area, she pulled in a nice seven-pound channel cat. 

Hungry crappie. Early in the day my husband lost a jig head because of a faulty swivel. Later, using the same set-up with a better swivel he pulled in this fish and reclaimed the lost jig head.

Using a fallen log as an impromptu dock.

Unlike most fishing boats, a kayak that weighs about 50 pounds can be put in or taken out anywhere, which is invaluable for a boat without a motor. Instead of having to put in at the boat ramp, we can put in any place a shore angler can access.  I had to leave the lake for a while on Saturday to attend a graduation party. My husband towed my kayak behind his until I returned, then brought it to the shore where I turned a fallen log into an impromptu dock.  My “friend” Tracy was nearly drooling with anticipation that I would lose my balance and end up soaked (note that she had the camera at the ready).  Happily for me, I did not fall in. 

Ha, Ha Tracy, I didn't fall in.

“Is there enough room in a kayak for fishing gear?”, you may be asking yourself. Yes, there is! Of the four of us, I have the smallest kayak. Mine is a nine foot and the others’ are all over ten feet long and a bit wider than mine. In fact, I have begun to call mine Squishy because when it’s on the trailer with the others it almost disappears. Despite its size, I’m able to fit everything I need in with me. I have a small tackle box, my rod, a small lunchbox to keep worms cool and a bottle of water for myself that I keep at my feet. Attached to the seat straps I have a stringer for fish that easily drops over the side and behind the seat I keep a first-aid kit. When the fish aren’t biting, or I simply feel like paddling around, everything fits easily in the space behind the seat. 

See you out there, where I’ll be fishing from my kayak! 


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I have fished out of my Sea Eagle kayak for about five years and you are right, its great. I used to take my black lab Lido, and I think he enjoyed it just as much.

Comment by joan kincaid

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