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 Conservation Officer Jeff Clauson wants me to get the word out to those of you living in the Omaha-metro area that the 60-water acre Lawrence Youngsman Lake (Papio Dam Site #13) just northwest of West Dodge Road at 192nd Street in Omaha IS NOT open yet and remains closed to public access. Citations are being issued to anglers and others who trespass on the property.  The lake is scheduled to open when all park development is complete sometime in mid to late June.

A nice lake nearby that is open to sport fishing and access for outdoor recreation would be 42-water acre Prairie View Lake located at 180th Street, a half mile south of Highway 36 near Bennington. Here’s a link for a map of it: 

See you at Prairie View!


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There were never enough signs up there i go to metro and it backs up to the parking there. people fish it everyday i had class and said that you can park in the neighborhood on the west side and there is a gravel access road that basically invites you in.I am a passionate fisherman and believe that if a lake is closed don’t mass with people heads (city of omaha,ngp)and put it in the public waters guide and list it as a high use fishing area. people are going to fish it since you guys don’t make it clear enough that is closed and yet kept it on the website for two years as a high use fishing area.

Comment by jacob schenkelberg

Thanks for your comments, Jacob. As a fellow Omaha area angler, I understand where you’re coming from. I will tell you that it was unsure when the lake was going to open due to completion of recreational facilities, grass seeding, landscaping, etc. according to Omaha City Park & Recreation Department officials. The lake was tentatively set to open in the fall of last year, but obviously that did not happen because recreational development wasn’t finished. We, at Game and Parks, just had to have regs (regulations) in place, when, in fact, the lake would have opened up as earlier planned by city officials last fall. These regs remain in place for an opening this year, hopefully very soon, the fishery is ready! Now, to my understanding, there was a late decision made by city officials coming into this spring to pave the interior roads there, so, for public safety reasons and liability purposes for the contractor, the lake still remains closed to any access until further notice. Nothing in our Game and Parks literature nor any verbiage on our Game and Parks website has stated an exact date as to when the Lawrence Youngsman Lake was going to open. The opening date/day continues to be in the hands of Omaha City Park & Recreation Department officials. Here’s a phone number to their office for further info: 444-5900. By the way, I have been told that barricades and appropriate signage have been in place for sometime indicating that the area has been and is closed. Let’s hope construction of the roads goes well and we can get this nice lake opened up very, very soon to fish! Thanks much for taking the time to drop me a line, Jacob! Do it anytime! Have a good one!

“Wags — Greg Wagner

Comment by Greg Wagner

Greg thanks for giving me the layout in full detail. I was just personally upset that i was fishing this lake for a year in half thinking it was open. I did receive a citation for “fishing without permission”, unfortunately this early spring, and feel like maybe I could of got a warning since there was some confusion upon whether or not it was open, but thats an opinion of course. I want to assure you the times I have fished there every fish was released back because I dont fish for trophy’s or to beat my chest, or to eat them. i simply love the sport and encourage anyone who fishes these omaha lakes to keep them beautiful and if you pack in, pack out.But thanks again for the info and I hope all goes well with the development of this west omaha lake.

Comment by jacob schenkelberg

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