In the Wild with Greg Wagner

READY, SET, INFLATE! by Greg Wagner

The Game and Parks Commission’s boating section crew and Omaha office staff were part of a world record event this morning when we simultaneously deployed our inflatable life jackets at 10 a.m. CDT. We were part of the “Ready, Set, Inflate” event.  Go here for further details on it:

Boating Safety Officer Scott Eveland deployed his inflatable life jacket at the Lake McConaughy State Recreation Area Visitor Center near Ogallala. Boating Safety Officer Daryl Teter deployed his at the Cabela’s Store in Kearney. Boating Law Administrator Herb Angell, along with those of us in the Omaha office, inflated ours at the Game and Parks metro office location (see the pics below).

L to R: Katie Stacey, Greg Wagner, Jo Momsen and Herb Angell.

Thumbs up for safety and the inflatable life jackets!

The purpose of this event was to draw attention to the importance of wearing life jackets while boating, and that there are comfortable, convenient , Coast Guard-approved inflatable life jacket options available to boaters.

If you need details on the laws and regulations for boating in Nebraska, click here:

Remember, when it comes to life jackets, “they float, you don’t” …  See you out there on the water WEARING YOUR LIFE JACKETS!


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