In the Wild with Greg Wagner

GIANT MOREL PIC by Greg Wagner

Robert (Bob) Meinecke of Omaha, NE shares this pic of himself holding a giant morel mushroom found along the Elkhorn River bottoms in western Douglas County yesterday on Sunday, May 9th. WHEW! That’s a biggie! Robert says it is the largest morel mushroom he has ever found. He estimates that it was just over a foot long and the cap was big as his elbow! It’s one of the larger ones that I have personally seen. Congrats Robert, and thanks for sharing the pic with everyone! That’ll be a meal in and of itself, won’t it? Dinner, what time?

See you out there, trying to convince Robert to take me morel mushroom hunting in his secret spots, ha!

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well as you can imagine it was delicious!!!
cooked just the three in the pic and wish i had many more…just rained alot today anyone think they will still pop up or is it done??? I want to find more if possible

Comment by Robert Meinecke

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