In the Wild with Greg Wagner


The good folks at Nebraska Pheasants and Quail Forever remind you that the last few weeks in May are coming up and they’re a perfect time to plant those winter cover food plots on your farm, ranch or large acreage.  

 Not only can your food plots provide much-needed food for pheasants, quail, and grassland song birds, the resource professionals say, but they can also provide critical winter cover for the birds. Corn, sunflowers, grain and forage sorghum are generally accepted as the most reliable food sources for both winter cover and food.  Soybeans, millets and wheat, although good sources of food, tend to get buried by heavy Nebraska snows, making them less accessible.  A good mixture of quality seed is the best bet for your food and cover plots.  Nebraska Pheasants and Quail Forever has a variety of food plot seed available to anyone wishing to plant wildlife cover. Here’s a link to their website for further details:   All mixes have been put together by wildlife experts and are designed to offer quality winter cover and food.  

The biologists at Nebraska Pheasants and Quail Forever offer a few tips to make sure your food plots are successful:  

  • Food plots should be fertilized and planted in such a way that they can be cultivated at least once during the growing season.  If you don’t fertilize your food plots, you will probably not produce the desired seed.
  • Food plots should be planted adjacent to winter cover (tree rows and thickets).  During harsh winter weather, birds are hesitant to stray from quality winter cover.

Excellent winter cover food plot. Photo by Nebraska Pheasants Forever.

                I’ll see you out there, planting some winter cover food plots for the birds! 


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