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I told myself that it would have to be an awfully nice gobbler for me to shoot to end my 2010 Nebraska Spring Wild Turkey Hunting Season before the month of May arrived. Guess what? Yep, this morning a big old tom strolled in to me and he went down! Here’s a photo of him.


The bird weighed in at 25.6 pounds had 1 1/4 inch spurs and an 11 1/4 inch thick beard!

Now, I’m in full-blown guiding mode for my sons and buddies. I have more fun guiding anyway don’t you? Say, how’s your spring wild turkey hunting season going? I’d like to hear from you. Bird-wise, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen and heard this many turkeys ever before here in southeastern Nebraska! Like me, I hope you’re enjoying “the good old days” for turkey hunting in the Cornhusker State. 

Uh oh, as I write this blog post, my wife’s yelling at me from upstairs about taking care of the numerous dandelions in the yard that I’ve neglected due to turkey hunting (she didn’t buy the wildlife habitat argument I had for leaving them alone, especially for the bees). Remember me telling you about the dandelion dilemna in a prior blog?

My quick reply to her: “Yes dear, I’m done shooting those tom turkeys, I’m pretty sure I’ll have time to take care of the dandelions in the yard tomorrow.” My 17-year old son Micah is laughing in the background while doing his homework and remarks:  “Hey Dad, aren’t you going morel mushroom hunting, canoeing and fishing with your buddy Andre, tomorrow!”  Shhhhhh, Micah, shhhhh …

I’ll see you out there!


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Very nice bird, Greg!

I will comment and let you know how my hunt goes when I get back next weekend. Going out for the Beyond BOW Women’s Turkey hunt.

Comment by Karen

Please do. Have a safe, fun hunt!

Comment by Greg Wagner

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