In the Wild with Greg Wagner

Mid-week Morel Update! by Greg Wagner

Today, Greg’s blog has been taken over! (Insert evil laughter here.) I’m Katie Stacey. 


I work with Greg and, as I am an avid morel hunter, I decided to steal his blog for a day to give an update on the season. I like to fish, too! 

Two of my springtime favorites, morels and lilacs.

 Yesterday I spent most of the day in the woods and found several pounds of morels. Many of the morels I found were eight inches and taller, but a bit drier and older than I like to find them. (Greg should have given me Monday off work!) I have been hunting along the Missouri River south of Omaha. The river bottoms are still a little dry. Hopefully, the rain in the forecast tomorrow and Friday along with high temperatures will mean great hunting this weekend. 

An interesting, gnarly tree I came across just after finding my first morel yesterday.

I have had the most success in the grass among willow thickets. Many of the larger mushrooms were mostly hidden by brown tufts of last year’s grass. 

In my woods there are several trees that have fallen in recent years. I make sure to check the dirt around the root balls and have seldom been disappointed. 

See you out there, where I’ll be spending the majority of the next few weeks in pursuit of morels!


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