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Here’s a brief photo essay of what normally comes with a hunt for morel mushrooms in the woodlands along an eastern Nebraska river like the Elkhorn. Every morel mushroom hunt is an adventure with the flora and fauna living in that riverine habitat! What a fun outdoor experience, especially for kids!  

Beautiful, undisturbed Elkhorn River bottom woodlands.

Apple tree blossoms around the old homestead in the woods.

A northern water snake encountered provides some excitement.

Even more excitement, a morel amid the leaf matter near the snake!

Abundant Woodhouse's toads offer plenty of amusement.

Pack your poles, take a break from hunting morels and fish sandpits, ponds or perhaps backwater areas along rivers such as this one along the Elkhorn.

 Couple other things to note. 

Yep, the ticks are prevalent, mosquitoes, too! Don't forget your insect repellent!

This is poison ivy and it is part of the landscape. Remember: "Leaflets of three, let it be!"

In the end, the succulent morel mushrooms are worth it! 

A plate full of morels await a hungry hunter.

See you out there, searching for morel mushrooms and enjoying your outdoor experience with kids in river bottom woodlands!


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Saw your snake picture. Now you know I am no herpetologist, so I do not really know if that was a northern water snake or not, but I do know an excellent resource for Nebraska snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles, and salamanders, . Might that have been a fox snake?

Daniel and I found a prairie rattler while hunting turkeys out west last weekend!

Daryl B.

Comment by whitetips

All indicators point to a northern water snake (including its aggressive nature). Aren’t snakes cool! Thanks for sharing that link for identification on the reptiles and amphibians. Have a good one, Daryl!

Comment by Greg Wagner

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