In the Wild with Greg Wagner


We’ve been out morel mushroom hunting today. Did you get an opportunity to go out and look for morels this morning, afternoon or evening? I hope so. Share your report with us, we’d sure appreciate it!

We hunted for morels in the beautiful, moist woods along the Elkhorn River near Waterloo on a gorgeous afternoon! We were out in the woods for about two hours from 2-4 p.m. Four of us (my buddy/landowner Andre, son Noah along with his young friend Joe and I) found around 160 morels. A nice haul. They were of various sizes. 


Here’s the largest one we found.

My tip to you: Look closely for morels in that river bottom grass in the woods. Surprisingly, we found a number of them there!

We shared our bounty with the landowner and his family. We even fried some up at their house with a little butter, a little olive oil and a little garlic. Great stuff! 

The morel mushroom hunting season appears to be just fully getting underway. Keep checking your spots. Respect private property, get landowner permission and know your boundaries. We’ll see you out there! Oh, and tomorrow on my blog, the interesting things that come with morel mushroom hunting in Nebraska, you won’t wanna miss that!


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The wife and I went out Saturday morning to check our mushroom traps…Naaaahh just kidding about the traps.But we did get a good sack full.A lot like you,some big and some small.

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