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April 23, 2010, 1:32 pm
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One of my good friends is Robert Koop of rural Valley, NE who makes everything from gun stocks to turkey calls.    


The interesting thing about Robert Koop is the fact that several years ago he had a very severe stroke, but since that setback he has greatly persevered! “Koop” as he is called by those who know him, has brought his passion of Nebraska’s outdoors “indoors” to give back to the lifestyle that he loves so much. Koop is one of the most giving people you’ll ever meet. He firmly believes in and is committed to getting young people off the couch, away from the video games and outdoors to sniff the  fresh air!      

Robert Koop shows his grandson Kyle how to work his homemade turkey call.

On Tuesday of this week, “Koop” stopped by my office with his wonderful sidekick Vickie and grandson Kyle to hand me one of his neat, homemade slate turkey calls complete with strikers and sandpaper. I said: “Are these for me?” “Nope,” he replied. “These are for you to give to your son Noah.” What a wonderful gesture, I thought. How awesome!   

After arriving home from work, I presented Noah with the call, strikers and sandpaper from the artisan. “Ohhh, cool!” he exclaimed. Yelps, clucks and purrs immediately echoed throughout our house (much to the dismay of his brother, sister and my wife – Polly, ha). That next evening I took Noah out to test the call in the field. How’d he do? Fast-forward … Do you recall seeing Noah’s turkey in a prior blog of mine?   


Yep, you guessed it! It was the gift from the call maker that brought that gobbler to within shooting range. We can’t thank you enough Koop – for making a boy’s spring turkey hunt that much more special! You are giving back to the outdoor lifestyle that you love so much. Noah is writing you a personal thank you for the call that allowed him to harvest that big tom turkey.   

See you out there! Hey Noah, can I use your slate call? Okay, I’ll buy my own.  

Robert Koop sells his slate calls. If interested, get a hold of him via e-mail at    

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Robert Koop is also known for his famous two birds with one shot.

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