In the Wild with Greg Wagner

GOBBLER #2 by Greg Wagner



Another beautiful morning in northern Douglas County for spring shotgun wild turkey hunting and another nice-sized adult, gobbler in the bag! This tom had 3/4-inch spurs and a 9-inch beard. After being field dressed, he weighed 18.3 lbs. I’m having him smoked by my friends at Stoysich House of Sausage here in southeast Omaha. I can’t wait to taste that smoked turkey! Mmmm ….   

By the way, I saw and heard lots of birds once again. Bagged this tom at about 8:30 a.m. He was with two other toms of similar size. They were fighting and gobbling at each other! Cool to see! Hope you can get to the woods soon to see something like that! 

I also found a few, small morel mushrooms which I gave to the landowner along with some freshly ground and packaged coffee. I know I harp on this a lot, but NEVER forget to thank your landowners for being allowed to hunt their property! 

Well, I’m back at work now. Better get back after it! I’ve got one spring turkey permit left to fill, but I’ll not do that for some time. My wife says it’s because I’m avoiding yard work and gardening duties at our home in Dundee Omaha. Do you think she’s right? Of course she is, that’s why I’ll see you out there! 

One of the many dandelions dotting the Wagner yard. I have declared myself to be "King of the Dandelions!"


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