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Waiting for morel mushrooms to appear in nature is torture, pure torture! Me and my staff have been checking our moist, wooded eastern Nebraska river bottom haunts daily in hopes of finding some of those golden sponges on a stem for the frying pan. No luck, yet.

Mark Davis, Photojournalist at the Omaha World-Herald and an ardent, dedicated morel mushroom hunter, says the ground temperature for morels to pop up needs to be 50 degrees 4-6 inches below the soil surface and we’re now approaching that. “We should have ground temps reaching 50 degrees in the next 7-10 days, if not sooner,” he emphasizes. “So, mushroom hunters should be checking their spots daily.” Davis will soon be blogging daily about his own morel mushroom hunting adventures, at: You can also catch Mark and his friend Morgan talking “morels” with me on The Great Outdoor Radio Show airing on Omaha’s ESPN Radio/1620 AM or online at  Saturday, April 24th from 9-10 a.m.

Davis says one of his favorite spots to find early season morels is along south-facing slopes of Missouri River tributaries.

He says morel seekers need to look for places with sun exposure (where the sun can get through the trees) along the edges of moist woodlands close to river banks.

Jo Momsen of Game and Parks in Omaha, an avid morel mushroom hunter herself,  reminds people to get permission before going on to private land. “Most landowners don’t seem to mind morel mushroom hunters as long as they have acquired permission in advance.”

Momsen adds that it’s always a good idea to offer some of your bounty of morels to the landowner as a kind gesture for allowing access.

We’ll see you out there with friends and family, searching the woods for morels! Now, what time will dinner be served?

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Great thread! All those morels in a basket makes my mouth water!

Comment by jrawlinson

Hey Jo how about a preparation and recipe on the
marvelous Mushrooms? They are so good. There are many people that would like that!! Just think,ask the landowner, Family togetherness(impotant),and FREE. What a good way to enjoy the Great Nebraska Outdoors! By the way do not forget the Bug Spray!!!

Comment by Mother

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