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Recently, I had the privilege and pleasure of sitting down and talking spring wild turkey hunting on my radio show with whom I consider to be “The Grand Master” of Nebraska turkey hunting – my good friend, veteran woodsman and sage Dick Turpin of Lincoln, NE.

Dick has been hunting tom turkeys annually in the spring since the first seasons were held in Nebraska in the early-mid 1960’s! His passion and respect for the North America’s largest game bird remains strong and steadfast, especially, he says, in this Golden Age of turkey hunting in the Cornhusker State with all the birds we have!


So, you see, Turpin really knows these turkeys (I’ve always told him that it takes a turkey to know a turkey, ha). A self-proclaimed “professional tinkerer” Dick makes and sells homemade, handcrafted, walnut turkey box calls . They are really cool, they really work (I’ve bagged several gobblers with mine) and he personalizes them as well. Here’s what one looks like.

Get more information about the unique calls he constructs at

Here’s what Turpin says about calling turkeys in the springtime on his website: 

“Any turkey that has been alarmed will go silent. You spook a bird and it will likely “putt” very loudly and then just shut up. Other than the alarm call (or putt), any sound a turkey makes is an assurance to birds who hear it that everything is normal. 

Yelps, purrs, cackles, cutting, clucks and gobbles are made by birds that are comfortable. When a tom hears one of these sounds, he is assured that all is well in his woods. Since turkeys make all kinds of sounds, other than the aforementioned putt, almost any sound from a friction call will entice an aroused tom. 

Being an “expert ” caller, in my opinion is not as important as some would make it out to be. Patience, knowing your hunting area and good camouflage will be every bit as important to a successful hunt.

An aroused tom turkey will not care that you haven’t won a calling contest.”

Turpin, in his folksy, entertaining way, elaborates much more about calling in gobblers and about the various aspects of spring turkey hunting on the radio show interview I had with him. Hear it on The Great Outdoor Radio Show I host from 9-10 a.m. CST on Omaha’s ESPN Radio 1620 AM or online, at: 


Turpin’s’ interview is fitting because this Saturday morning, April 17th  is the opening morning for Nebraska’s spring shotgun wild turkey hunting season. When you’re coming in from the field for a brief break give us a listen!

We’ll see out there, enjoying a spring wild turkey hunt thanks to the tips from Turpin! 



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Hey, How cool to put the Amazing Dick Turpin on your Blog. He is just the best with his fun personality, but the knowledgable Hunter, Turkey Caller(he makes them), all kinds of Hunting and Fishing. He is good at all of them. I first met him when Greg was about 15 years old and working. YES, that long ago, and he was giving a lesson on cleaning fish, I enjoyed him so much, you couldn’t help but like him. He is a smart AMAZING, fun man.

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