In the Wild with Greg Wagner


Farmer Andre gives some priceless advice on life to my son Noah while fishing.

Kids grow up way too fast, don’t they? Sure do. One of the things that me and my wife Polly have always done with our own kids ages 22, 17, 15 and 12, is to take advantage of any short windows of time they have available in their busy schedules, and to get them out in nature. Hard to beat the fresh air, exercise and the good, one-on-one discussion sessions that hunting, fishing, hiking, bike riding, canoeing, etc. offer.    

For instance, during this Easter break, I made it a point to take advantage of some windows of time my 12 year-old son Noah had available . We went fishing at a buddy’s oxbow lake along the Elkhorn River for bluegill and whatever else was biting. My, my, what a good time we had!  

The fish were fairly cooperative, but never mind that. I got an outstanding chat with my 12-year-old son! We were silly, we laughed a lot. Plus, I had the opportunity to hear what’s happening in the life of a 12-year old boy in today’s world and to reaffirm the things that make a person good.  

I encourage you to do the same –  to make some quality time to talk your kids amid their busy schedules, setting aside the cell phones, the texting, the iPhones, the computers, the video games, etc. to step outside and enjoy nature.   

Kids do grow up way too fast. Don’t be one of those parents who says: “I should have spent more time with my kids when they were younger.” Be the parent who says: “I took advantage of the short windows of time my kids had available and enjoyed nature with them in the process.”  

See you out there, with your son or daughter.

Here's Noah displaying a small bluegill. "It's all about the action and talking to Dad and Andre," he adds.


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Is that Noah with his big catch? haha _
It all about spending time with your family and having special time. That is important in the world today. Thanks Greg

Comment by Mother

I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case, great info…I will bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

Comment by Mason Ruffalo

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