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A good habitat stand of grass. Photo courtesy of Nebraska Pheasants and Quail Forever at

 Tim McCoy, Agriculture Program Manager for us in the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission based in Lincoln, says for us landowners with grassland acres, especially those enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program, that it’s time to do some habitat management. The best wildlife benefits, he adds, come from performing habitat management practices on a regular basis. These activities remove thatch opening up bare ground giving a chance for new plant material to grow.        

That being said, McCoy emphasizes it’s the time of year to be managing native grass these three ways:   

– With a prescribed burn   

Photo courtesy of NEBRASKAland Magazine/Nebraska Game and Parks Commission at

Photo courtesy of NEBRASKAland Magazine at

  and then a follow-up session with interseeding a legume/ forb mixture.  

– Lightly disking    

Photo courtesy of Nebraska Pheasants and Quail Forever at

and then interseeding a grassy field with a legume/forb mixture.   

– Or, a herbicide application and then a follow-up session by interseeding a legume/forb mixture.  

The practices outlined here can have great results that require very little time, energy or expense. For additional information on these grassland habitat management practices, we landowners need to touch-base with our local NRCS or FSA office as well as contact our nearest district Game and Parks Commission Office. Also, you can get more details about these management practices and other habitat tips on the Nebraska Pheasants and Quail Forever website at:  

See you out there, doing some form of grassland habitat management this spring!  

Photo courtesy NEBRASKAland Magazine at


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