In the Wild with Greg Wagner


Conservation Officer Jeff Clauson watches anglers fishing the Two Rivers State Recreation Area Trout Lake near Waterloo.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity and privilege of spending the day with great friend, fellow Game and Parks compatriot and conservation officer Jeff Clauson of Waterloo and his four-legged, faithful companion named “Rush” (the dog serves as a goodwill ambassador and may assist with an investigation).   

"Rush" the Labrador with Jeff Clauson.

What an interesting day it was! I’ll tell you first-hand that the work of a field conservation officer in Nebraska is incredibly varied (see photos).   

Jeff Clauson surveys the water level of the Platte River in western Douglas County.

I have tremendous respect for these men and women who are sworn peace officers on our front lines in the great outdoors enforcing fishing, hunting, fur harvesting, boating and park laws and regulations, AND SO SHOULD YOU! The field conservation officer actually has one of the most dangerous law enforcement jobs in the country! Why? The majority of contacts are made alone in sparsely populated rural areas with people who have a weapon of some sort in their possession or on their person, whether it’s fillet knife or a firearm!      

Officer Clauson checks anglers at the Two Rivers Trout Lake.

Jeff untangles line in a reel for one of the anglers.

It is very important to point out that Conservation Officers also present many informational/educational programs and talks to groups, organizations, hunter safety classes, etc.    

Jeff converses with members of the Western Douglas County Chamber of Commerce before giving a luncheon talk to them at El Bees in Waterloo.

Here he is in action giving his talk.

Along that same line, I am fortunate to have Jeff Clauson come on my Saturday morning outdoor talk radio show, entitled: “The Great Outdoor Radio Show” airing on Omaha’s ESPN Radio/1620 AM (and also on nearly once a month on Saturday mornings from 9-10 a.m. for “Ask the Conservation Officer.”  He takes all questions from callers pertaining to Nebraska outdoor laws and regulations, plus other outdoor-related subjects. Listen for the promotional announcements as to when Jeff will be in the studio.     

Jeff and I at the microphones.

Jeff and I will chat with you on the radio and definitely see you out there! We love what we do!


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