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Today, here in southeastern Nebraska, the sun is shining, temperatures have warmed up, so we went fishin’ – to an outlet structure below a public reservoir dam, no foolin’!

With my many moons of experience, I knew that we would have some open, flowing water to fish in the outlet area below the dam at Wehrspann Lake in southwestern Sarpy County. Sure enough, I was right. After a short hike to the outlet structure, I grabbed the digital camera and told my Game and Parks compatriot Katie Stacey to start casting away off the bank with this rig.

Lo and behold, after a few casts, she lands her first fish of the year in the open water there – a 9-inch largemouth bass, woo-hoo!

It’s important to point out that these kinds of areas – outlet structures, outlet canals, spillways, etc. (whatever you want to call ’em) below reservoir dams – are outstanding places to fish in early spring if you’re allowed to do so and you’re careful walking on those steep, slippery banks!  Essentially, any fish found in the reservoir could be found in that outlet area! The flowing nature of outlets presents well-oxygenated water and plethora of organic matter that keep fish quite active.

So, the bottom line is this (no pun intended): When the ice is still coming off your favorite reservoir (as it is at Wehrspann),

go below that dam to the outlet structure or canal to wet a line! You might be surprised at what you catch! For fishin’ – don’t rule out the outlet!

“Tight lines, everybody!” See you out there (still trying to catch my first fish of the year in the open water! SOMEBODY BRING ME MY NIGHTCRAWLERS AND MINNOWS, WILL YA!

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Greg, that, and other outlets around the metro are affectionately know as “desperation hole”.

Comment by Alex


Thanks for the reply, buddy! Somehow, “desperation hole” fits with Greg Wagner’s fishing ability, ha! Seriously, I will go to wherever I can to legally and safely catch fish. I like to try and fish all kinds of different waters (it helps my angling learning curve). I’ll probably see you at that “desperation hole” at Wehrspann sometime, Alex. If you get there first – before I do, save me a spot! Thanks again for the reply! Good fishin’!

“Wags” — Greg Wagner

Comment by Greg Wagner

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