In the Wild with Greg Wagner


If you like my blog, and you live in the WOWT-TV/Channel 6 viewing area, you’ll love my weekly outdoor reports that air each week on the station. They’re never dull, but always very informative and entertaining. Homemade props made from a hodge-podge of  old outdoor gear, miscellaneous materials and recycled things add to the uniqueness of the segment and its dynamic messages about Nebraska’s great outdoors! Here, Katie Stacey (seated) and Jo Momsen (standing) of Game and Parks in Omaha put together “the nature hat” for a recent report about hiking the trails at Platte River State Park. Katie Stacey and Jo Momsen are the creative ones in the Game and Parks Omaha Office, NOT ME!  

My main contact for Channel 6’s weekly outdoor report, and the person I work with directly at the station, is my longtime, wonderful friend and veteran sportscaster/broadcaster – Ross Jernstrom. Ross is a homegrown Nebraskan with a nice family who enjoys spending time outdoors! It is my distinct pleasure to interact with him each week! As you now know, we are going to be spending much time outside showing you the Husker State’s many outdoor opportunities and how you can take advantage of them. This is “Rossy.” 

Also, the entire weather crew at Channel 6 gets involved in the weekly outdoor report doing what I refer to as “prop detail.” I’m sure their college professors never covered how to do this task in their meteorological classes! Chief Meteorologist and avid outdoorsman Jim Flowers is also a longtime, close friend of mine. In addition, I have been privileged to get to know Meteorologist Caitlin Roth who is a fine person and such a good sport. Jim and I are in the process of planning Caitlin’s first-ever spring wild turkey hunt here in Nebraska and she is excited about it!  Stay tuned to see that one!


I also want to welcome a fresh, new face with a great first name and tremendous enthusiasm to the outdoor sports family on WOWT-TV. Introducing my new buddy Greg Ortiz.

To watch the weekly outdoor report, tune in every Thursday at 6 p.m. during sports, or later in the hour-long Saturday morning 8 a.m. newscast. For Cox Communications cable subscribers, you can catch the report when newscasts are repeated on Channel 4. The station’s website is

I’ll be at the station, and I’ll be seeing you on Channel 6 for the weekly outdoor report!


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