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As a gauge for area ice anglers, my staff and I checked ice conditions on Carter Lake in northeast Omaha today. We were curious to see what ice conditions were like, especially following these evening rains in Omaha.

We found that the lake had about 1-2 inches of slush ice on top of anywhere from 7-11 inches of hard ice. In places water was sitting on top of the ice and we noted a number of potentially dangerous spots. Shoreline melting of ice was also very prevalent. The ice is getting very dicey!

Biologist Daryl Bauer of our Fisheries Division says:  “Tell your ice anglers this, Greg: If they don’t feel comfortable about going out onto the ice, or have any doubts about doing that whatsoever, then absolutely don’t try it!”

View Daryl Bauer’s extensive blog about fish and fishing in Nebraska by clicking here:

Bauer says that for all practical purposes, the ice fishing season is quickly coming to an end. He did add, however, that scenarios like this one below could offer some decent angling action where you could fish from the bank casting into the warmer, ice-free, open waters of the Missouri River for channel catfish with cut bait or a fish-type bait. I should have brought my bait shrimp and my tackle to the river, what was I thinking? Oh, and please be careful on those slippery banks and heed any flood advisories, will ya’? Thanks.

See you out there, always playing it safe! Now, where’s my fishin’ stuff?


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So where did you find the heads on bait shrimp? I looked all over the place for that stuff last year.

Comment by Frank J. Jershin

Being an old catfisherman, I had just held onto that particular box of bait shrimp for sometime (don’t tell my wife – Polly that, ha). I truly am a pack rat of sorts. And, you know, I can’t remember where I got it, shame on me. If I think of it Frank, I’ll post the info here. Thanks for reading my blog. Have a good one!

Comment by Greg Wagner

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