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As spring begins to emerge and warmer temperatures arrive, my thoughts immediately drift toward one of my favorite outdoor areas and places in Nebraska — the Upper Snake River Valley (above Merritt Reservoir) in Cherry County. Look at the photos below and see if you can understand why I absolutely love this unique, remote geographical area of Nebraska so much! Time to plan another summer adventure on the river with my boys and buddies. Time to plan to make some more memories (collect some more stories to tell, too, ha!).

See you out there, enjoying an outdoor vacation with friends or family in one of Nebraska’s many scenic natural spots! Click here for outdoor vacation ideas in Nebraska: 


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Too bad it’s all private property.

Comment by mike gould

Landowner permission along the Snake is not an impossibility!

Comment by Greg Wagner

yea thats a slap inthe face that state residents cant even enjoy the river. thats NE g&p for ya tho

Comment by johny

Hi johny,

Whether it be positive or negative, I always welcome comments. About what you said regarding the Snake River, here’s my reply. Johny, it’s simple — do your homework, find out landowner information and get permission from them for canoe-camping, hiking, fishing, etc. on their respective ranch properties. Follow up a phone call receiving permission with a nice letter and maybe a trout fishing lure or two.

As you may know, I work for Game and Parks and will provide you with guidance/assistance if needed. These landowners along the Upper Snake are nice, nice folks and don’t mind canoers, kayakers, anglers, etc. as long as they are respectful outdoor enthusiasts asking permission up front and well in advance of their targeted trip dates on the river ! Holler if I can help! Take care.

Comment by Greg Wagner

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