In the Wild with Greg Wagner

THE BIG SHOW by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

The kids will enjoy virtual fishing at the Omaha Boat, Sports and Travel Show again this year!

Nebraska largest sports show – The Omaha Boat, Sports and Travel Show – begins at Qwest Center Omaha on Thursday of next week (February 25) and runs through Sunday (February 28). The show features some 200 outdoor-related exhibitors (including us at Game and Parks). In fact, at the Game and Parks exhibit, you can enter your kids or grandkids who are Nebraska residents in a drawing to win half-price lifetime hunting and fishing permits for youth 15 and under! 

The exhibition casting tank is usually always near our Game and Parks exhibit area.

The Omaha Sports Show also offers a stellar line up of outdoor expert speakers including my good buddy, my mentor and the turkey hunting master himself – Dick Turpin of Lincoln, NE. See a photo of him below. Seriously, do not miss Dick’s seminar presentations on spring wild turkey hunting, you’ll learn a lot and chuckle a bit!  By the way, I always tell Dick as far as my own presentation skills go that I want just an eighth of his quick qit and humor, but then again, I relay that I am much better looking than he is, so it kind of evens out, ha!

The handsome Dick Turpin.

Here’s a link to the Omaha Boat, Sports and Travel Show website for further information about this year’s event:

See you there at the Game and Parks exhibit with the family!


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