In the Wild with Greg Wagner

OPEN IT UP IN OPEN FIELDS AND WATERS! by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Attention landowners! Now is the time to look at enrolling some, if not all of your property in the Game and Parks Commission’s Open Fields and Waters program for 2010.  As a colleague of mine put it: “Greg, this is the best thing going for landowners since sliced bread for sandwiches!”

The benefits for landowners in the Open Fields and Waters program: 

  • Receive payments on a per-acre basis for land or water enrolled.
  • Protection under the Nebraska Recreation Liability Act for allowing access.
  • Hunters and anglers would be provided walk-in access. No vehicles are allowed, except on trails specified by the landowner.
  • Help ensure Nebraska’s rich outdoor heritage by allowing expanded hunting and fishing opportunities, especially for youth.
  • Play a role in conservation by providing a means to control problematic wildlife populations.
  • Signs will be posted on enrolled lands by Commission staff.
  • All enrolled lands will be published in an atlas.
  • Encourage hunting and fishing, which will lead to increased conservation funding and actions.


As an example of how the program might work on the hunting front, landowners may be paid as much as $12 per acre for signing up high quality wetlands or woodlands habitat in the program’s target area and allowing walk-in access to their land during all hunting seasons.


 Find out more information about the Open Fields and Waters program by going to this link:

See you out there, investigating the possibilities for an Open Fields and Waters enrollment!


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