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SHEDS IN THE SNOW by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
February 7, 2010, 3:00 pm
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Don’t let the snow discourage you from venturing into your favorite woods to try to hunt for shed deer antlers! It’s early-mid February and this is when I am looking for an excuse to get some fresh air, take a winter hike on our farm, get the jump on the competition (my cousins, etc.) and look for shed deer antlers. It’s been a pretty tough winter so far and judging from our observations and trail camera photos, it appears that more whitetail bucks than normal have dropped their antlers already. There’s bound to be some sheds out there!  One just needs to go very slowly and look closely around these areas where antlers can fall off, be jolted off or intentionally knocked off.  

I like to start by finding main deer trails in woods and looking off of them where there are lower-hanging tree branches. Primary trails leading to feeding areas should not be overlooked either.

  Deer bedding areas are excellent places to find shed antlers in the snow now, especially those on south slopes containing conifer trees. 

I would definitely look for shed deer antlers along the edges of unharvested corn fields where trails and/or many deer tracks are present.  

Fence crossings for deer such as this one below are great spots to look for shed deer antlers, as are creek crossings. 

I hope this information assists you in your own shed deer antler hunts. Keep in mind that sheds can be found on into the time for harvesting morel mushrooms. A few reminders with regard to shed deer antler hunting in Nebraska:  Have permission from the landowner, never go alone and take a plastic bucket with you to carry the antlers (for safety in case you fall).

Reasons to hunt for shed deer antlers:

*Shed deer antler hunting, even in the snow, is a wonderful family outdoor and bonding experience. It offers some exercise as well.

*Shed antlers provide a snapshot of some of the bucks that have more than likely survived the hunting seasons in the locale and are frequenting or living on your hunting property.

*Shed deer antlers found can be officially scored by the North American Shed Hunters Club ( . 

*Shed deer antlers are fun to collect and catalog each year, plus you can make crafty things out of them like picture holders, decorative lamp bases, knife handles, etc.     

Happy hunting for your sheds! See you out there!


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iv found 5 so far,one set 10 point set iv found scores 163″

Comment by luke

Great job, luke! Might want to make a few more trips out there as well. Happy “shed” hunting!

“Wags” — Greg Wagner

Comment by Daryl Bauer

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