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GET PUMPED UP FOR LIGHT GEESE! by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

To get you waterfowlers pumped up for harvesting Light Geese (Snow and Ross’s Geese) in Nebraska this winter and spring during the Conservation Action, I have plucked (no pun intended) this video from the Nebraska Fish and Game Association’s website/online forum, at: (Thanks Ty S!)
Check it out! Here’s the link to the video:″></param><param 

The action opens tomorrow, on Saturday, February 6.  Be sure you look over the special laws/regulations for harvesting light geese during the Conservation Action period at this link:

A lot of hunters I know go to this website to track light goose migration movements:

How about a good jerky recipe for your Snow and Ross’s Geese, huh? This is one I like to use:


SNOW OR ROSS’S GOOSE breasts, cut in 1/4-inch strips, kosher salt

Place a layer of strips in to the bottom of a crock or glass container. Sprinkle the layer lightly with kosher salt only. Add another layer of strips, crosswise to the first layer. Sprinkle this layer lightly with kosher salt. Continue until all strips are used. Place in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning quickly wash each strip to remove the kosher salt. Place in dehydrator or smoker. Ensure that no strips touch each other. Dry meat until all strips are bone dry. 

PARTING SHOTS: Apple chips add delightful flavour to the meat. 

Source: John Corney, Cape May County, New Jersey. In: Snow Goose Cookbook by Arctic Goose Joint Venture.

In case you’re wondering , the reason for the Conservation Action: An overabundance of light goose populations that are damaging/threatening Arctic habitats.

Good hunting, be safe! See you out there!



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