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ANGLER REMINDER AND UPDATE FOR CARTER LAKE by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
February 2, 2010, 3:38 pm
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The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources which jointly manage boundary waters, have relaxed fishing regulations at Carter Lake. This will allow anglers to more freely harvest fish before a planned renovation of the fishery in September 2010. 

Anglers with a valid fishing license are now allowed to harvest fish of all species by hook and line only, rescinding the two pole restriction but maintaining the two hooks per line regulation and that all poles must remain attended.  Furthermore, all size and bag limit restrictions have been temporarily lifted. Anglers are reminded that all harvested fish may not be sold, and that it is still illegal to transport live fish away from the lake. Liberalized fishing regulations for Carter Lake will remain in effect until the date of the planned renovation on or about September 30, 2010.

An economic study of Iowa’s lakes revealed that Carter Lake showed the greatest potential for return of investment incurred.  And the fishery renovation is one part of an estimated six million dollar restoration project to improve the lake’s water quality.  A community based watershed management plan has been developed and a public meeting was held to explain various aspects of the project. You can follow the project at  Implementation of other water quality improvement practices in the watershed and in the lake are currently underway. 

The presence of common carp and bullheads has lead to dramatic reductions in both the numbers and the quality of all sport fish populations and are known to also negatively impact water quality when numerous.  Bluegills, largemouth bass, and channel catfish will be restocked following the renovation. Crappies and redear sunfish will be stocked when sufficient bass numbers are established.  Fisheries biologists remind anglers that it is very important to never transport and release any fish species into water systems as they may unknowingly damage developing fish populations.

Common Carp

Black Bullhead

 For more information contact the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Fisheries Office at 402-471-7651.  Thank you for your consideration! Good fishing!


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