In the Wild with Greg Wagner

TALK TURKEY by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission


“GIL-OBBLE-obble-obble-obble!” I know what you’re thinking: It’s too early to talk about spring wild turkey hunting isn’t it? Actually, no it’s not! In fact, now is an ideal time to take a drive in the countryside, look for turkeys, visit with landowners and secure permission to hunt those longbeards this spring. 

Here are some things that have worked for me when I’ve attempted to gain permission in winter to spring turkey hunt on private land:

– Dress in clean normal clothing, look presentable. Take youth along to be part of the experience!

– Carry homemade index cards with your personal information on them to hand to the landowner as well as proof that you’ve successfully completed a hunter education course.

– Offer a roll of venison summer sausage or a package of vension jerky to the landowner as gesture of kindness for taking the time to chat.  

– When talking with the landowner, always be polite, be honest and most of all BE YOURSELF (don’t sugar coat things because Nebraska farmers and ranchers can smell “bull” from a mile away!)

– Try to not show up during mealtimes or church time.

– Try to show up after bad weather to see the landowner needs help with anything on his or her place.

– Volunteer to help a farmer or rancher fix fence, separate cattle, make repairs to buildings, split firewood, etc.

– Whether it is archery, youth or shotgun, be prepared to make a couple follow up contacts before your specific spring turkey season opens. 

Chances are, you’ll be the first guy or gal knocking on doors asking for permission to spring turkey hunt in an area. Remember, if you knock on enough doors, someone will eventually allow you to set up for gobblers in the spring on his or her farm or ranch. Stay with it! 

See you out there! 



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