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THEY NEED A BATH by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
December 27, 2009, 2:04 pm
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For our feathered friends – the birds, bathing is a necessity! Dirty feathers cause major problems for birds, especially in winter. Dirty feathers don’t function well when flying and in protecting the body from snow, wind and other elements. When birds have an opportunity to dampen their feathers, it loosens dirt and dust particles and makes them easier to clean. Also, a fresh water source is extremely important to birds in winter because many other natural supplies are frozen.  

So, here’s where we can help. Along with feeding birds, why not also provide a nice, temperature-controlled, heated bird bath in your backyard like the one pictured below. The Wagner family will be heading out shortly to purchase one for our own backyard.

Eastern Bluebird at heated bird bath. Photo courtesy of Jo Anne Doyle @ Cornell Lab of Orinthology.

To get more information on why birds need water in winter as well as some helpful hints on providing a water source for birds, see the U.N.L. Acreage & Small Farm Insights E-Newsletter from January of 2006 at this link:

Thanks for your bird conservation work. Happy birding! See you out there!


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