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HOW’S YOUR HABITAT? KNOW OF OPEN FIELDS & WATERS? by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
December 15, 2009, 12:16 pm
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Winter is an excellent time of year to assess the wildlife habitat on your ranch, farm, acreage, or even in your backyard for that matter. Look for tracks in the snow. Put up some game cameras to monitor wildlife activity along game trails. Use binoculars to scan your land at key times of the day and then make notes about what you saw. See what birds and animals are using cover sources or food plots. See what changes need to be made to your landscape come springtime during the planting season.

 Keep in mind that different wildlife species have different habitat needs so you need to figure out what species you want to target with various plantings and/or habitat improvement practices. Whitetail deer, for example, want a secluded spot in the woods, out of the wind and with good cover along travel lanes to feeding areas.   

 In addition to evaluating your wildlife habitat as the New Year approaches, you – the rural Nebraska landowner should take a look at the Game and Parks Commission’s Open Fields and Waters Program. This relatively new program pays landowners on a per-acre basis to allow walk-in access for hunting and fishing to parts, if not all of their property. You can get real creative with the contracts in this program. Here’s the link to find out more about Open Fields and Waters:

 I’ll see you out there — checking the wildlife habitat on your property and reading the pages you printed out about the Open Fields and Waters program for 2010!


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I really hope NE landowners take advantage of this program. One of its many positives to landowners is the flexibility you described in being able to share their property with others while keeping specific seasons for family. Everybody wins!

Comment by jrawlinson

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