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EAT RIGHT, STAY WARM by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
December 10, 2009, 12:16 pm
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 In Arctic weather like we’re experiencing now here in Nebraska, outdoor enthusiasts need to eat right and healthy to stay warm. Foods with complex carbohydrates, extra calories and water-soluble fibers for slow digestion provide maximum sustained body warmth. Friends of mine in the nutrition world suggest the O-P-P method or something similar. Here’s what they mean: Oatmeal (with flax seed sprinkled on top of it) for breakfast, Peanut Butter Sandwich or two (on good, whole wheat/whole grain bread and yes you can add some fruit jam or jelly to it for a PB & J sandwich), and Pasta for the main course at dinnertime.

 Chicken soup, they say, should not be overlooked in winter either because the hot broth can help thin nasal secretions and make it easier to breathe outside. Add some noodles or rice for complex carbs. Speaking of soups, this is the time to make thick soups such as navy bean and split pea. Beans and legumes are high in fiber and low in fat.    

 Whether you’re ice fishing, late-season deer hunting or even sledding, brewed, hot tea is always a wonderful thing to consume on a cold winter day. That tea will lift your spirits and offer lots of antioxidants.

 On the “what to carry” with you list in the field or in the backcountry, the nutritionists encourage taking a plastic, Ziploc sandwich bag filled with dried fruits, plus a few energy bars, along with a couple bottles of water. Proper hydration is critical in dry, frigid winter air!

Now, to really appreciate the value of these foods, step outside and enjoy the cold air!

Bundle up, see you out there!


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