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Deer Hunting Tip #4 Do(e) Your Part by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
November 10, 2009, 12:21 pm
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Deer hunters can help the landowner who has crop depredation problems, lessen the number of deer/car crashes and improve the overall health of whitetail deer herds around the state by harvesting a doe if their permit allows! Keep in mind that there are many whitetail antlerless-only permit options available targeting whitetail does in various areas.   

 Kit Hams, our Game and Parks Big Game Program Manager, says it best when he states: “Save a buck, take a doe!”

 So, with the firearm deer hunting season just around the corner: Will you do(e) your part during it? I am planning on harvesting some does, join me, won’t you?

 Remember, you can use our Deer Exchange Program to find folks who may want to receive some venison. Here’s the link to it for more information:

 Good hunting! See you out there!


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We eat a lot of venison as a family and the antlerless deer are our favorites. We benefit greatly from the antlerless bonus tags and are glad to do our part to help keep the herd healthy.

Comment by Barry Arndt

The antlerless tag plus the bonus tag helped us tremendously. We are taking the four does that we got and turning them into jerky to send out to the troops.

Comment by Matthew Schutte

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