In the Wild with Greg Wagner

DEER HUNTING TIP #2 DON’T GET WINDED by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
November 6, 2009, 11:55 am
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Our morning blind atop a south facing slope takes advantage of morning thermal air currents.

Naturally, in deer hunting, playing the wind properly is a must. My brother, and avid, longtime deer hunter, Steve Wagner of Gretna, NE says that one of the keys to harvesting deer is to “play the wind right.” Steve offers: “The biggest tip that I would give to any deer hunter is to always make certain that the prevailing wind is blowing toward you from the direction you expect to see deer.” He continues: “Remember to choose your stand or blind site taking into account the wind direction and any potential changes in wind direction mentioned in the local weather forecast.”

While in the stand to determine which way a deer might approach the area, my brother relies on a small, 4-5 inch strand of unscented dental floss tied to a tree limb to detect the direction of any light breezes. 

He pays attention to thermal air currents as well. “The deer do!” he emphasizes. Thermal air currents start rising about 30 minutes after the sun hits the ground and fall at night near sunset. “Think of air currents and wind,” he adds, “as liquid the deer can taste some 200 yards away!”

 Enjoy your deer hunt and playing the wind!  See you out there!


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